Camp Tecumseh Staff

Joel Sieplinga

Summer Camp Director


Phone: 765-564-2898, ext 309






Joel started his camp career when, at the age of 15, his parents gave him the summer option of either painting the garage or volunteering at the YMCA Day Camp. It was an easy choice and to this day, 16 years later, the garage is still in need of a paint job and Joel has worked at YMCA camps ever since–the last 9 as a full time director.


Joel considers himself a Michigander at heart–ask him where he’s from and he’ll point to a spot on his hand–but has now lived at Camp T year-round for over 7 years with his beautiful (out of his league) wife, Renee. While meeting Renee was probably the best result of his four years there, Joel graduated from Calvin College with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Recreation.


Though he doesn’t want to perpetuate stereotypes of tall people, Joel does enjoy playing and watching basketball, and if it weren’t for his camp career and severe lack of top-level skills, would probably be a member of the Harlem Globetrotters.