Camp Tecumseh Staff

Jordan Seeger

Day Camp Director/Retreats Associate


Phone: 765-564-2898, ext 378






Hello! Hailing from the friendly town of Rosemount, Minnesota, how could Jordan NOT welcome you to Camp Tecumseh YMCA? Growing up there gave him not only a great love for the outdoors, but also a healthy imagination, so much so that when he went to college at Purdue University, he conjured up a world where it’s possible to make a living with a Bachelor’s in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.


Here at Camp, Jordan gets to work with the most imaginative people we serve: the 5-12 year olds at Day Camp and the Y Guides on weekends. He’s not very travelled when it comes to leaving the US, which is probably good because he’s been stopped at the Mexican border (when they thought his parents were smuggling out a Mexican child) and the Canadian border (when his then thick Minnesotan accent made the Mounties in Ontario doubt his American origins). He loves the Green Bay Packers, fishing, and cheese, which inevitably makes Wisconsin his retirement plan and makes his wife, Stacey, very nervous!