Camp Tecumseh Staff

Mike Lang

Marketing Director


Phone: 765-564-2898, ext 313



Mike Lang


The son of a military man, Mike spent his childhood traveling the world before settling down in Kokomo, Indiana to finish out high school. In 2013, this proud IU alum abandoned academia to make an impact in the lives of kids who come to camp. Although he’s still learning how to be an adult, and can’t quite wrap his head around the logistics of bathroom renovation, he makes up for it with Photoshop wizardry and a heart to serve others.


An avid writer, reader, designer, thinker, and photographer, Mike spends his time producing camp’s marketing materials, cultivating creativity, and working with staff to develop cutting edge programming that encourages campers to seek out our shared humanity and relentlessly pursue a better world.  Although free of facial hair (though not for a lack of trying), a love of kale, and thrift shop plaid, he’s probably a hipster.


Mike cooks a mean steak, still plays with Legos, listens to heavy metal at loud volumes, and enjoys examining the implications of our 21st century media lives. He shoots portraits and weddings avidly for his photography studio, M Lang Photography, and loves spending time with his wife Mel and daughter Lilia.