Camp Tecumseh Staff

Neal Morehead

Leadership Center Department Program Director


Phone: 765-564-2898, ext 231



Neal Morehead


Sprouted and tended in the corn fields of Southern Illinois was a boy who dreamed that one day he might get the chance to help people see the world with the “glasses of fun” he has always worn…this boy grew into the personhood of Neal Morehead.


While attending the University of Illinois, Neal was introduced to the amazing magic of Camp Tecumseh when he worked there for a summer job back in 1978. He finally found his niche and one year later at the same place, his wife. 24 years of wandering in the wilderness passed before he was able to come back to the promised land of Camp Tecumseh to live his dream of “making magic.”


With a zany sense of humor and a head shaved to make him more aerodynamic, Neal plunges headlong into each new day spreading the love. You might also see him running stairs and walking Eddie his dog, two of his favorite things to do. A little known fact, Neal once came in 5th in a 32 mile running race and won a very big cup from which he drinks his tea.