Camp Tecumseh Staff

Scott Brosman



Phone: 765-564-2898, ext 237




Scott Brosman


The best thing about my job is I get to do everything. Make budgets, hire staff, drive a tractor, sing songs, meet new campers, meet their parents, and even chase raccoons out of trash cans. I like all of it except the raccoon chasing part.


My lovely and talented wife Sara and I live at camp with our very energetic three year old German Shorthair Pointer named Boone. We have three adult children, Claire, Alex and Arielle and our first grandchild, Harper. They all had the privilege of growing up at camp.


My idea of a great relaxing day involves a long bicycle ride through the local cornfields and windmills. The top of my bucket list involves attending the Tour de France. I don’t know if they have raccoons in France. I hope not.