Project American Life

Citizenship is in our nature at Camp Tecumseh.


In 1776, 56 English citizens risked their lives and fortunes to sign a document divorcing the colonies of the new world from England. To this day, the Declaration of Independence serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and an inspiration to those looking to escape the bonds of tyranny.


Project American Life is a one-of-a-kind educational experience that explores the guiding principles established in the Declaration of Independence. Thrust into sensational, highly immersive environments, students explore the philosophical, historical, economic, and social ideologies at the heart of conversations concerning freedom. Through thought provoking discussions, they learn what it takes – and what it means – to be free.


Program Basics


Grade levels: Grades 6-8
Subject: Citizenship
Length: 3 days
Download PDF of Indiana State Curriculum Standards met in the Project American Life Program




Project American Life programs are specially designed to stimulate discussion, encourage creative thinking, build character, all while fostering an understanding of the perspectives surrounding our nation’s founding.


From the moment students arrive at camp, they are swept up into a caste system ruled over by the King. As students take their place in their caste, it’s up to them to decide whether or not a better system exists.


Throughout the program, students participate in activities that illuminate the various political positions inherent in the Declaration of Independence. What is a self-evident truth? Who possesses ultimate power? What responsibilities do we possess as human beings?


On the last night, “In Search for the American Embassy” drops students into the heart of East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Through careful planning, clever espionage, and a lot of heart, students must escape the crushing force of tyrannical rule by slipping past soldiers, trusting two-faced strangers, and making a frantic dash to Checkpoint Charlie and the West through the sirens and spotlights of the Wall.


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