Christmas in the Colonies

History is in our nature at Camp Tecumseh.


What was it like to be a pioneer in the early 1800s? While books and pictures tell part of the story, Christmas in the Colonies brings pioneer times to life. Much like our Pioneer Heritage program, this winter program gives students an opportunity to experience Indiana’s early history through hands-on activities.


Program Basics


Grade levels: Grades 3-5
Subject: Indiana history
Length: 2 days
Standards: Download PDF of Indiana State Curriculum Standards met in the Christmas in the Colonies Program




Understanding our past, appreciating the present, and expanding our vision for the future, this is what Camp Tecumseh’s Christmas in the Colonies program is all about.


With fires and lanterns lit inside log cabins, students make quilt squares, Christmas cookies, button zingers, and corn husk dolls. They learn to dip candles, take care of animals, and communicate with Native Americans. They attend school, learn to set traps, and hunt for food, all in our authentic pioneer settlement.


During the evening, students take a wagon ride through the staff village to sing Christmas carols, followed by a campfire program and hot chocolate before bed.


Schools can participate in the Christmas in the Colonies program during January and February, as well. We call this program Winter in the Settlement.


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For more information, contact Matt “Mongoose” Radding.