Foundations for Success

Character development is in our nature at Camp Tecumseh.


The world’s most influential people didn’t get where they are through sheer luck. Instead, they mastered a number of key skills that help them make decisions, navigate complex issues, and harness the power of the group.


In the Foundations for Success program, students are introduced to five of those key skills: leadership, trust, communication, problem solving, and self-confidence. Through a number of challenging, team-oriented activities, students will engage with these foundations in ways that will benefit them both inside the classroom and out.


Program Basics


Grade levels: Grades 6-8
Character development
2 or 3 days
Download PDF of Indiana State Curriculum Standards met in the Foundations for Success Program




Every activity encourages students to engage with the five foundations in creative and insightful ways. In Camp Tecumseh’s outdoor classroom, students are challenged to negotiate tricky group dynamics, solve complex puzzles, and think on their feet. Each student will participate in activities such as:


  • Communication Station – Interactive and thought provoking group activities that encourage students to think about the ways in which they communicate.
  • Optimist Challenge – A uniquely designed obstacle course that promotes self-confidence and builds trust with classmates.
  • Survival Simulation – A demanding wilderness simulation that requires sound problem solving and leadership skills to succeed.
  • Teams Course/Group Initiatives – Presented with a number of mind-boggling scenarios, students must use problem solving skills to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.
  • Mission Possible – An adventurous mission through the woods that will test problem solving and leadership skills.
  • Climbing Tower – A thrilling climb up the rock wall that instills self-confidence and encourages trust and communication.


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