Discovering Nature

Exploration is in our nature at Camp Tecumseh.


Discovering Nature’s primary goal is to instill in each student an increased sensitivity to the natural environment. The natural world is waiting to be explored. Designed to introduce our youngest learners to the wonders of nature, Discovering Nature encourages students to utilize all five senses as they discover, investigate, and understand their environment.


Program Basics


Grade levels: Grades 1-3
Subject: Environmental Awareness
Length: 2 days
Standards: Download PDF of Indiana State Curriculum Standards met in the Discovering Nature Program




The natural curiosity of students this age drives the explorations that take place in Camp Tecumseh’s natural outdoor classroom. Learning occurs through activities such as:


  • Animals – Students have a hands-on experience at the mini-farm and a walk through our pine forest to look and listen for signs of wildlife.
  • Rock Gulch – Students explore their natural infatuation with rocks by collecting them, studying them, and sharing them.
  • Wolves’ Den – As they hike to the Wolves’ Den, students discover and investigate the various habitats of our Oak Forest residents.
  • Meadow Safari – Students catch and observe the insects living in the meadow to understand the special gifts they possess.
  • Soil Investigation – Students investigate the differences in soil at various locations along the Tippecanoe River.


Other activities include Archery, Obstacle Course, Trees, Nature Center, Sun Catchers, and Body Stretchers.


To see a sample schedule, go to the What to Expect page for our Outdoor Education field trips.




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