Pioneer Heritage

History is in our nature at Camp Tecumseh.


What was it like to be a pioneer in the early 1800’s? While books and pictures tell part of the story, Camp Tecumseh brings the pioneer times to life by giving students an authentic, hands-on pioneer experience.


Program Basics


Grade levels: Grades 3-5
Subject: Indiana history
Length: 2 or 3 days

Standards: Download PDF of Indiana State Curriculum Standards met in the Pioneer Heritage Program




Camp Tecumseh’s Pioneer Heritage program is all about understanding our past, appreciating the present, and expanding our vision for the future.


What was it like to build a log cabin, grind your own cornmeal, set a trap line or build a bridge? The activities in pioneer heritage put the kids in the center of the action as they learn how to live life as a pioneer.


In addition to the historical experience, you will build and expand your relationships with the students by living, working, and playing together. This builds the types of relationships that will enhance learning back in the classroom.


To see a sample schedule, go to the What to Expect page for our Outdoor Education field trips.




For more information, contact Matt “Mongoose” Radding.