Camp Tecumseh’s Winter Wonderland

Let It Snow

After a fresh coat of snow, Camp Tecumseh transforms into a radiant winter wonderland. Take a look.

Tecumseh Leadership Center Dock

CW2A5039 CW2A5035 CW2A5028


The Suspension Bridge

CW2A5084 CW2A5092 Suspension-Bridge-2 Suspension-Bridge-1

Upper Pioneer

LANG3104 LANG3079 LANG3129 CW2A5120 CW2A5109

Kettlehut Chapel

LANG3246 LANG3275 LANG3226 LANG3206 CW2A5126

Lake Village

Whitetail-Path Scheumann-Foyer Scheumann-1 Pine-Trees-1 Pine-Tree-Close-Up Snow-Flowers Kampen-1

Oak Forest Trails LANG3456 LANG3430 LANG3409 LANG3392 LANG3334

Barbara Kampen Green Cathedral & Council Ring

LANG9443 LANG9441 LANG9428 LANG9395 LANG9391 LANG9421 LANG9387 LANG9383 LANG9380

River Village Loop

LANG9497 LANG9493 LANG9472 LANG9487 LANG9456 LANG9370 LANG9364 LANG9356

Oregon Territory

LANG9665 LANG9668 LANG9657 LANG9644 LANG9639 LANG9629 LANG9621 LANG9617 LANG9586 LANG9578 LANG9562

Pine Forest

LANG9593 LANG9603 KLB_9561 KLB_9574