Is Your Child Ready for Sleep Away Camp?


Kids go to camp to learn a lot of things. They learn independence. They learn who they are and what’s important to them. They learn how to be better friend and leader. If you’re sending your child to camp for the first time, the big question in your head might be, “Is my kid ready for camp?”


Here’s a brief Yes or No quiz to help you determine if your child is ready for sleep away camp.


  1. My child has a previous camp experience (ex: day camp).
  2. My child has spent the night away from home with mom and/or dad (ex: family vacation).
  3. My child has spent the night away from home separate from mom and/or dad (ex: a friend’s or relative’s house).
  4. My child has gone for a day or more without talking with or texting a parent.
  5. My child can follow a routine without much supervision (ex: getting dressed and brushing teeth).
  6. My child has experience working with others in groups.
  7. My child has interests that align with the camp’s activities.
  8. My child likes to try or learn about new things.



Count how many times you answered Yes.


4-8: Your child is ready for sleep away camp. He or she may need some time to adjust, but is likely to take to it quickly.

0-3: Going to a sleep away camp may be big leap for your child. Consider starting out with Day Camp first.


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