Real Estate Gifts

An efficient way for you to make a significant contribution.


When appreciated real estate that has been owned for a number of years is sold, it is probable that you will be faced with a substantial capital gains tax burden. By gifting real property that has been held at least a year and a day, you are entitled to a charitable tax deduction for the fair market value on the date of the gift and will bypass the capital gains tax due normally on the appreciation.


An Example


John and Mary Smith bought a vacation home 20 years ago for $100,000. They no longer use this home and desire to make a substantial gift to Camp Tecumseh. The home has grown in value to $350,000. If they sell their home outright and then make a gift, they will owe up to a 20 percent federal capital gains tax on the $250,000 of appreciation, or $50,000.


If the Smiths choose to give their home to YMCA Camp Tecumseh, they will receive the following benefits:

  • $350,000 charitable tax deduction, which could save them as much as $129,150 depending on their income tax bracket.
  • Bypass the federal capital gains tax (up to 20 percent) for a possible savings of $50,000.
  • Provide long-term support for the ministry of YMCA Camp Tecumseh.


A different strategy is needed when the property has declined in value. Because the fair market value is less than the original price, it is better to sell the property outright and gift the proceeds from the sale. In this way, a capital loss can be established and will offer a tax deduction in addition to the charitable tax deduction for the amount of the cash gift.


Because gifts of real estate can have complications, Camp Tecumseh has developed a policy and process that explains how these types of gifts should be handled. Please contact Ben Meyaard for details.


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*The information contained herein is for explanatory purposes only and is not intended to be used as tax advice. Camp Tecumseh YMCA recommends that you contact a professional tax advisor who can provide you with additional information on how your participation in the above program may affect your personal tax situation.