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Spring 2016 Tecumseh Tales

In the Spring edition of the Tecumseh Tales, we invite you along to meet Tatum Parker, a 15-year-old camper and two-time cancer survivor who is using her experience to help children in the hospital, discover how our Outdoor Education program is partnering with schools to ignite a passion for learning and create stronger communities, learn more about becoming a member of the Trailblazer Society, and save the date for the first Young Alumni reunion.


Winter Tales


Winter 2016 Tecumseh Tales

In the midst of the winter season, bundle up with a copy of the Tecumseh Tales and warm your heart with stories from camp. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our generous supporters who make the camp experience possible, travel to Malaysia with Taylor Byrd for the Torchbearer Chronicles, visit Madeleine Bien in Washington, DC, get excited for Camp Tecumseh’s first ever 5K, and learn more about the life changing experiences that happen during Girl Scout Month.




Autumn 2015 Tecumseh Tales

How would the world be different if it looked more like camp? This is the central question that anchors the Autumn edition of the Tecumseh Tales, and it’s one we encourage you to think about.  Travel with Claire Edelman to Honduras to work with vulnerable and orphaned children, learn how to stay safe on social media, discover how Quilt Camp is raising awareness about breast cancer, and take a look back at Partner Service Day.




Summer 2015 Tecumseh Tales

In the summer edition of the Tecumseh Tales get your first look at the newly renovated Barbara Kampen Chapel, discover the intentional opportunities for growth packed into every Tecumseh experience, prepare for your Tecumseh experience, and travel with Ryan Holladay to New Orleans and learn about his work to rebuild New Orleans.



Spring 2015 Tecumseh Tales

In this special donor issue we celebrate all those whose generosity makes camp possible for so many kids, contemplate the ways God works at camp with veteran counselor Brad Hough, explain the secrets behind the success of Tecumseh counselors with Joel Sieplinga, and look into the world of Chris Franke as he works to defend children as a social worker in Indianapolis Public Schools.


Winter 2014 Tecumseh Tales

Merry Christmas! In this jam-packed holiday issue, make a Christmas list that celebrates the I’m Third motto, find out why spending a summer as a counselor may be more beneficial than interning, celebrate the tradition of Camp Tecumseh with Hallie Roth and Keith Hood, learn about the girl scout badges offered at Camp Tecumseh, discover the Project American Life program for school groups, talk with IPS 91 teacher Rebecca Pfaffenberger about the importance of coming to camp, and join with Brit Davis as she travels the country on behalf on Dance Marathon.


Autumn 2014 Tecumseh Tales

Reflect on the highlights of summer 2014, check out the improvements made for partner service day, and enter the locker room of the biggest collegiate football programs in the country with Ben “Beef” Needham.


Summer 2014 Tecumseh Tales

Welcome to Summer Camp. Learn more about the check in and check out process, celebrate our 90th summer, learn more about the Camp Tecumseh food drive, and journey to Uganda with Liz Koch.


Spring 2014 Tecumseh Tales

In this issue, read about the three sentence camp experience, travel with Will Adams to Patagonia, and check out our thank you to our generous donors.


Winter 2013 Tecumseh Tales

This issue special Christmas issue, learn more about joining the trailblazer society, head up to Gary, Indiana and learn about Joey Mayfield’s tremendous work to build community, and join the Camp Tecumseh staff as they honor the Others Second clause of the I’m Third motto.


Autumn 2013 Tecumseh Tales

This issue features an inside look at Quilt Camp, a recap of summer 2013 in the form of Facebook status updates, a look back at partner service day, and an in-depth feature on OE staff member Ricardo De Sousa Costa and his global explorations to make the world a better place.