Creative Arts Center

The art of the matter is a top performer at Camp Tecumseh.


From the outside it appears to be an old western street. Yet, when the imagination takes hold it becomes much more than that. The camp playhouse brings theatre to the life of the camper. The photographer’s shop captures moments and develops smiles. The pottery shop helps campers realize that they have the ability to create something wonderful.


The Creative Arts Center (CAC) is the River Village’s center for crafts, games, and a wide array of creative opportunities. From pottery and painting to basket making and performances, every great camp needs a wonderful place for campers to hone and display their creativity. Camp Tecumseh has one of the best.


As an added attraction, the interior space can also be used for indoor rock climbing or indoor archery. Rain never dampens our time at Camp T. When the rain comes, we just move everyone in to the CAC and keep up the fun.