Kettelhut Chapel

The natural beauty of an outdoor chapel is special place at Camp T.


There are many special places at Camp Tecumseh. Since the camp’s focus on a life of faith is such a key part of who we are and what we to, the chapel is naturally an inspirational place to gather.


The Kettelhut Chapel offers a beautiful view of Richard G. Marsh Lake and is one of the most photographed locations in camp. Lake Village campers have morning chapel here three days a week and it is a gathering place for other events as well. Designed to seat 300 and with a complete sound system, the chapel is a place for fellowship, prayer, and fine music.


Look at the stars on a quiet evening. Hold a camp gathering or cabin devotion. Sing one of the many inspiring camp songs. At Kettelhut, campers often talk about how close they feel to God and the beautiful world around them.