Other Cool Places

The fun never ends at Camp Tecumseh.


There are so many things to do at camp. We’ll just list a few. You can explore more cool places on our Interactive Map.


The Challenges of Lookout Tower


Test your rock climbing skills on the various paths up the Lookout climbing tower in Lake Village. There are various levels of climbs so campers can progress as the week goes on. Climbers use a climbing harness and helmet and are always attached to a belay (safety) line allowing for slow, controlled descents. Every step of the way, a trained Tecumseh staff member is there to ensure safety as well as fun.


You don’t have to be a rock climber to enjoy The Lookout Tower. A spiral stairway on the inside of the tower provides a way for anyone to climb to the lookout platform at the top. It provides a great view across Richard Marsh Lake and the Equestrian Center pastures. It is a great place to watch the sunset and the zipline over the lake.


A Bridge over Camp T Water


Campers love Camp Tecumseh’s unique suspension bridge that goes from Lake Village to the upper Pioneer Settlement. Equestrian Campers use it for a quick shortcut to their riding classes at the Equestrian Center. For Outdoor Education groups, crossing the suspension bridge is the time machine that transports kids from present day to 1811.


The suspension bridge is the longest in Indiana, even longer than the one at Turkey Run State Park. Many youngsters have never been on a suspension bridge, so this gives them another new experience. Additionally, watching the lake from the suspension bridge often allows campers to see turtles and large fish feeding near the surface of the lake.


A Towering Challenge of Fun


Mt. Wood is one of the biggest and most unique camp climbing towers in the country. Campers can learn rock-climbing skills on climbs of various difficulties. Beginners can try the easiest 20-foot routes while the most fit and skilled climbers are challenged by the 43-foot summit climb. Of course climbing harnesses, helmets, and belay (safety) line systems are always used, and all climbing takes place only under the close supervision of trained Tecumseh climbing staff.


Inside Mt. Wood is a 30-foot high spiral stairway that takes those with enough courage to the zipline platform. This cave-like opening in Mt. Woods surface is the take off point for a 300-foot pulse pounding zip! You can hear the screams and laughter all across camp as the ‘zippers’ take the plunge off the 25-foot platform!


Inside the Mt Wood complex is a creative ‘bouldering wall’ where campers can practice their climbing moves and build up their stamina – perhaps to eventually try the summit climb!