Richard G. Marsh Lake

Fishing, Boating, and Blobbing, oh my!


This small lake provides a wonderful place for campers to learn to canoe or kayak, or to enjoy Camp Tecumseh’s other creative watercraft. Hanging out with friends in a paddleboat or on a Beaz Board is a great way to spend some of a Summer Camp afternoon. Others like to enjoy the floating trampolines and the mini-blobs! What fun! There is always a group of campers going off the old-fashioned rope swing or zipping down the tube slide. Perhaps you would like to play some volleyball on the sand. There is a lot to do at the lake.


Of course sometimes friends don’t want to do too much of anything and they can just enjoy talking and laughing, sitting on their towels on the grassy hillside. Camp has a well developed life guarding plan for all activities and campers have access to various areas based on their swim check at the start of the session. Life jackets are required for most water activities and emergency radios are in designated places. Drills and buddy-checks take place regularly.