Live Third Love


We see it all the time – weddings, marriages, children and eventually multiple generations of the Tecumseh family who Live Third. When you Live Third, you learn to love others in a deeper and more meaningful way. Did you get together because of Camp Tecumseh? February is Live Third Love month! We want to share how Camp Tecumseh touched our hearts and lives! We want to show the world what it will look like if we all live third in our families, community and the world. And you can help.


Here’s how:
Send us a quick video via cell phone or email to


Here’s some questions you might answer:
Hi! My name is _________ and my name is _________ and we met at Camp Tecumseh!
It was (Date) and we met while ___(association with Camp)__________.
I knew he/she was the one when __________.
Camp Tecumseh made us a better couple/family because __________.
Here’s the link to our first live third love couple:


You don’t have to edit or follow a script, but we’d love to share your story with the rest of the world saying, this is how Living Third at Camp Tecumseh impacted my life! Share your story with us and your friends. We’re hoping that others will join in. Thanks and have a great day!


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