Leadership and Team Development

Shared experiences create stronger teams.


People are an organization’s most treasured resource. At Camp Tecumseh, we understand the importance of building a bridge between members of your team to forge new relationships, create group cohesion, and bring goals into focus. Our experienced facilitators will guide your group through experiential learning activities that are challenging as well as fun. The goal is to give participants a common frame of reference that aligns with your group goals and mission.


Our Activities are More Than “Off the Shelf” Exercises


Every program we offer is tailored to the unique requirements and desired outcomes of each organization. No classroom learning here. We’ll get your team up and going and exploring ways to connect and grow as a team. Choose from events such as low and high ropes initiatives or challenging indoor activities. Bring your objectives to us and we will build a memorable event for you. We even offer portable activities, so we can bring our programs and experiences to you.


Leadership and team development is a process. It is a journey created and fueled by experiences. When you bring your team to Camp Tecumseh, our leaders will create a memorable experience that delivers new team strength and lasting results.


What Participants Say


“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful team building program you provided our staff! A comment from one of the more experienced members of the group said that in the past he’s done similar exercises in other meetings – but one here and one there. A whole day devoted to these types of activities clarified for him how this works. He thought the entire day was really great and may even bring his whole staff back!”


– Cheryl Altinkemer, Sr. Director of Development Purdue University


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