What to Expect for Field Trips

Prepare for an interactive, immersive learning experience.


The diverse range of programs we offer are designed to be interactive, thought provoking, and challenging in nature, while meeting certain state standards for teaching in the process. Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable, energetic, courteous, and ready to serve.




When you arrive, look for a big sign with your school name on it. Your camp staff will be ready and waiting to meet you upon arrival.


Facilities and Programs


Your school will either stay at the Lake Village or River Village, which will be designated on your contract. The programs remain the same regardless of the village that you are in. Most of the time indoors will be spent in the cabins and dining hall of the River or Lake Villages.


These schedules give you some idea of how the time is broken down during your stay:





Every school group brings sack lunches to eat for lunch upon arrival at Camp T, with dinner being the first meal that Camp T provides.


All meals provided by Camp T will be served in Scheumann Lodge or River Lodge, depending on the village you are lodging in. Food is served family style, with selected table “hoppers” bringing food platters back from the kitchen to pass around. We eat at large circular tables, which are very conducive to good discussion over meals.


For adults, there is always coffee and tea available in both lodges, as well as basic snacks like bottled water, granola bars, and popcorn during the day.


If you or your child have any dietary needs that are out of the ordinary, please fill out our special dietary needs form.




If your school or child is at camp and you need to get in touch urgently, please call the office number (765-564-2898) and one of our office staff will be able to contact them. For after-hours emergency needs only, please call the same number and follow the prompts. You will press 5 to reach the after-hours cell phone.


Cell phone coverage at camp varies depending on provider. Each dining lodge has Internet access available on computers (for adults) and we have Skype Internet telephone available (for adults). We also have WiFi capability if you bring your own laptop.




The campfire program can be the highlight for a lot of students and teachers. Taking place under the stars (weather permitting), the camp staff will lead you through this fun event with lots of songs, skits and jokes. This is not just their time to be up front though, as cabin groups perform skits in relation to the program of study, like Pioneer sagas, eco-dramas and Foundation skits. Parents and teachers also play important roles in these skits as rocks, sticks, barnyard animals, and may even be called up by the camp staff to perform alongside them.


If you are a returning teacher and have some favorites that you would like to see, be sure to let your camp staff know during the orientation.


Need More Information?


If you have questions, contact Matt “Mongoose” Radding.