Parent and Teacher Training for Field Trips

Join us for an Outdoor Education orientation.

The close involvement of teachers and parents is a strong part of why the program is successful. The shared experience not only helps the learning take place but often times can strengthen relationships with your children as you spend time together in a totally different environment.   When your group arrives at Camp Tecumseh, you will be assigned 1-2 camp staff to lead you through the experience (orientation, introduction to the program, teaching activities, running dining hall, flag pole, campfire). The school will also provide teachers and parents to teach some of the activities in order to keep the trail groups down to around 10 students. In order to get everyone up to speed, a little bit of training for the parents and teachers is essential to ensure that each student gets the most out of the experience. The goal of the training is for you to experience firsthand and grasp the purpose of the activities you will teach when you come with your student/child, so that you are comfortable leading a group. Teaching manuals will be provided. We will also inform you about all of the different aspects of your trip to camp as chaperone and help ease any concerns you might have about coming.   The training will take place mostly outside, so please come prepared to be out and around camp for a few hours. A cookout lunch is provided afterward free of charge, which can be a great time to chat with the other chaperones from your school and ask any questions you might have.


Click the link for a handout with information and maps for the training: Training Handout

2017 Parent/Teacher Training Dates

Training days are always on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m EDT. There is no cost and lunch is provided.  

Date2017 Parent/Teacher Training Dates
Saturday, August 19Pioneer Heritage, Earthship Journey, Foundations for Success
Saturday, September 9Pioneer Heritage, Earthship Journey, Foundations for Success
Saturday, September 23Pioneer Heritage, Earthship Journey, Foundations for Success
Saturday, October 7Pioneer Heritage, Earthship Journey, Foundations for Success;