Prepare Your Child for Day Camp

Get some helpful tips for first-timers.


Day Camp is a great opportunity for kids age 5-12 to experience the fun of camp and a break from the usual, while still enjoying their nighttime routines at home. Here are some things you can do to make your child’s week(s) at Day Camp successful:

Encourage your child to make new friends


Campers can request to be with one other trail mate. This trail mate must be within 1 year of camper and trail mate requests must be mutual. Day Camp is a place to meet new friends. Therefore we try not to group several friends together as this detracts from the camp experience for all members of the trail group. Due to certain circumstances, Camp Tecumseh may not be able to accommodate all requests.


Outline what to expect


Explain that your child will have certain activities every day (like pool time), plus a choice of other activities. Review the What to Expect During Camp page together and discuss it as a family.


Focus on the fun


If you’re concerned about camp, your child will sense it. If you’re excited, your child will be, too. If your child arrives at camp with a great attitude and is looking forward to having fun, he or she is likely going to have a great time!