Registration Tips and FAQs

Learn about registration, changes, cancellations, and more.


See also Day Camp Cost and Registration Information.


What does “waitlist” mean?


“Waitlist” means a session is filled and a waitlist is forming for the session. Changes and cancellations often occur before each camp session and campers will be added from the waitlist as spots become available. Registration for the sessions is still available if you wish to be put on the waitlist. Camp Tecumseh cannot guarantee spots will become available for campers placed on the waitlist.


What are your system requirements for online registration?


Our site works with all computer web browsers, but works best on Chrome and Firefox.  Online registration is also available on mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android based phones and tablets.

Which events can I register for using the online registration site?


The online registration site can be used for summer overnight camp, summer day camp, equestrian camp, and adventure trips. For other activities, you’ll need to go to a different section of our website:


What is an “account” and why do I need to set one up?


Like many websites, we set up online accounts so you can gain access to your information in the future. After your online account is set up, you can use it to re-register past campers, add siblings, or make other adjustments.


What should I use as my username?


We suggest you use a parent’s email address for your username. You must use this same email address as your username every time you log in to your account.


How do I log in to my Camp Tecumseh account later?


Click the “Log in to Your Camp Tecumseh Account” link on our summer camp registration page. It will ask you for the email account and the password you used when your account was set up. Once inside you can adjust your address information, change cabin mate choices, or make a payment (in addition to your regular monthly payment) toward a current registration. Be sure to keep your information safe because you will need to use your account to sign up for next year if you choose to sign up online again.


I lost my username. What do I do?


Do not create a new username.  Your username is your email address on file.  If you do not remember which email address is on file, please contact our office for assistance.


I lost my password. What do I do?


The log in screen has a “Retrieve/Set Password” link. You will receive an email to set your CampMinder password. Make sure to check your SPAM/ junk folder if your email does not arrive shortly. If this does not work for you, please call the Camp Tecumseh office for more assistance.


I have two children coming to camp. Do I need to set up an account for each camper?


No, please don’t. You can use the account that you set up while registering your first child to quickly register a second camper. Log in to your account and click on the “Add Additional Campers” button. Also, don’t forget that your children’s information will be ready in our system for when you want to sign up for next year!


Why am I only allowed to put in one cabin mate request?


In order for children to make new friends along with enjoying camp with a current friend, we accept one cabin mate request per registration. The cabin mate you are requesting must also request your camper on their registration. Almost all mutual cabin mate requests are honored if the campers are within one year of each other’s age. If you have a special situation regarding cabin mates, please call the Camp Tecumseh office.


Do I have to sign up for each week one at a time?


No. When selecting weeks (also called programs), check the boxes beside each week you want your camper to attend and you will sign up for all weeks at the same time.


I want to sign up for a two-week session. How do I do that?


When selecting programs, click the checkbox beside both weeks that he or she will attend. Your final total will not show the discount, however we will make sure that the two-week discount is applied before we charge your credit card.  A two week discount is only applied to designated two week sessions. Discounts apply to Overnight Camp only, not Day Camp.


I signed up for a two-week session and/or signed up during the early registration period. The total fees seem too high. What gives?


The totals given online do not include available discounts. The online system cannot automatically apply these discounts, so we look at each new registration and make sure you’re given all discounts you are entitled to before the payment is processed. If the final amount charged does not look correct to you, please call our office and we can check your payment record while you are on the phone with us.


I want to change the week my child is registered for. Can I do that online?


No. Once your registration fee is paid, you cannot make changes to your registered dates online except to add additional camp weeks. If you need to make changes in your camp dates, please call the camp office or email the registrar at All changes must be requested in writing (email is acceptable).


Can I cancel my camper’s registration online?


Sorry, no. We must have all cancellation requests given to us in writing (email is acceptable) and registration fees are non-refundable. Please email your cancellation to the registrar at or call the camp office for more information.


What payment methods do you accept?


If you register online (which is the preferred method), you can pay using a credit card or debit card. If you mail or fax the printable registration form, you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or check. The deposit is due at the time of registration ($75/week for Resident and Equestrian; $200/week for Adventure trips; $25/week for Day Camp).  


Does Camp Tecumseh offer financial assistance for registration fees?


Some fee assistance may be available based on household income, number in household, etc. To apply for assistance, send us a campership (like a scholarship, but for camp!) application along with your registration form:


Call 765-564-2898 or email for more information.


What is Camp Tecumseh’s policy regarding Health Forms?


In order to be in compliance with state regulations, a completed health information form including your child’s health history and physical examination record signed by a doctor must be on file. For every day of your child’s camp session that these forms are not on hand, a fee of $50 per day will be assessed. Your child could also be sent home due to failure to comply with this requirement and no refund will be given. Camp Tecumseh requests that forms be sent to camp at least 30 days before the scheduled camp session so our health personnel have plenty of time to review them thoroughly.