The Value of a Christian Camp

Faith is in our nature at Camp Tecumseh.


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Camp Tecumseh YMCA is a Christian camp that welcomes all children. It’s not our goal to convert kids while they are at camp. Instead, we believe it’s our job to plant the seeds of Christianity by:


  • Providing Christian role models for every camper through the outstanding staff
  • Exposing children to the core values of faith, friendship, joy, initiative, responsibility, and trust


We believe that’s the true value of a Christian camp: learning that faith and friendship are just as important as learning to paddle a canoe or to shoot an arrow.


How Children Experience Christ at Camp


During camp, our campers learn the Camp T motto: “I’m Third.” This means placing God first, the other person second, and ourselves Third. We teach about Christian values, and Jesus is a part of chapel and devotions. Each day all campers attend a joyful “chapel” service together after breakfast. Singing or spoken graces are done at each meal. Overnight Camp and Equestrian Camp participants end each day with devotions in the cabin groups.


Our Goals for Christian Development




We want every camper to leave knowing …


  • That God loves each person individually and cares for them.
  • We should actively seek out ways to help and serve other people.
  • That our bodies are a gift from God, and we should help it grow in a strong, healthy, positive way.
  • That the environment is God’s creation and it is our responsibility to care for it.
  • That we are responsible for our own actions and attitudes and should realize that through them we can be a positive or negative influence on others.
  • We should treat people with the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control).
  • That we can respect the rights of others to believe differently and we can still be friends, cabinmates, or teammates with them.


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What Campers and Parents Say About Christianity at Camp T


Camp is where I feel closest to God. The people are what makes it so amazing. – Camper, age 14


Camp Tecumseh is a place where you have a close relationship with God while having fun at the same time! – Camper, age 12


This place changes lives and without it I wouldn’t have amazing friends and such a close relationship to God. – Camper, age 15


As always, my son’s experience overflows to our home. Peace, servitude, thankfulness, joy- Christ-like. Thank you. – Parent of camper, age 13


Our daughter always comes home a better, more respectful child who appreciates a close relationship with God. We cannot thank the staff enough for nurturing our daughter and providing the values we teach in our home… We love Camp T! – Parent of camper, age 12


His favorite part of camp was chapel. He really experienced worship in a new way – for him – since our church is not as geared towards the youth experience. We are grateful for this. He said he felt ‘free and alive’ for the first time at camp. – Parent of camper, age 10