Equestrian Camp

For campers age 11-15 who love horses.



Equestrian Camp offers campers the opportunity to experience much of what overnight camp has to offer while giving them a chance to improve their riding. Every morning is spent at the barn where they will groom and tack their own horse, participate in an hour long riding lesson from a trained instructor, and participate in non-riding activities that could include Barn Olympics, Amazing Horse Race, Career Day, arts and crafts, climbing, and team building activities. At least two afternoons a week are spent back at the barn participating in clinics. These clinics are meant to show the campers the world of opportunities that lie in the horse world and that it’s not just limited to jumping, reining, or wherever their interest lies. Some of the activities campers can choose include riding a horse bareback, participating in drill team, learning how to bathe, clip, and braid a horse, driving a cart, playing in modified pony club games, or trying their hand at mounted trail obstacles.


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One morning every week each cabin group heads to the barn before breakfast to saddle up their horses and head out on an early morning trail ride through our Oak Forest. Wildlife is abundant at that time in the morning so we’re sure to see something exciting out on the trail. Afterwards, they head back to the barn, help feed the horses, and then treat themselves to a breakfast at the barn until the rest of the cabins arrive for morning activities. Each morning starts off with a horsemanship parable that relates an aspect of horses or riding to a Biblical verse or story. The five core values of the YMCA (caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith) are listed around the barn as reminders of how we need to act and treat our fellow campers.


Girls attending Equestrian Camp live in one of our female equestrian cabins. Boys attending Equestrian Camp are mixed in with traditional Overnight Camp cabins.


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Levels Program


Once your child arrives at camp, they will be interviewed by one of our qualified directors who will gauge your child’s riding ability through the questions asked. Your child will then be placed into an appropriate riding class with other campers of the same level and will be matched with an appropriate horse. Our ratio of instructor: student is 4:1. There are 6 different levels in our riding program going from those campers who have never been on a horse before to those who show and ride at home. We are able to place your camper in the appropriate level for them so that they can be successful and improve.


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Equestrian Levels


Independently walk, stop, guide horse


Improve steering, sit and post the trot


Improve steering, diagonals at posting the trot, cantering


Refining the use of natural aids to communicate with the horse to accomplish more advanced movements

Junior Wrangler & Wrangler

The most challenging level. Campers at this level may practice rollbacks, leg yields, collection and extension of the walk and trot, jump cross rails, and more.


Our instructors diligently strive to help your camper improve their riding ability so that they go home a more confident, safe, and secure rider. At the end of the week, campers have the option of taking a written skills check to gauge how much they have learned throughout the week. If they pass both the written & riding skills check, they will receive a bolo tie with the level they have earned.



For the Parents

Camp Tecumseh is an American Camping Association (ACA) accredited site as well as a Certified Horseman’s Association (CHA) accredited site. Our site and safety practices meet all ACA and CHA guidelines. Our director is also a CHA certified instructor. All of our counselors and instructors have gone through a week long training that models the CHA instructor’s certification training. Each child is to wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet that is no older than 5 years of age and properly fits their head. Your child is more than welcome to bring their own helmet as long as it meets our guidelines and it fits their head properly. A proper list of items to bring to equestrian camp will come to you in a welcome packet when you register.


Contact Amie Gleason or Mary Anne Hunsberger or more details about Equestrian Camp.