Campers-in-Leadership-Training (CILTs)

It’s a character-building experience like no other.


Campers in Leadership Training (CILTs) provides an intensive two-week program for campers who are at least 16 years old and have completed their sophomore year of high school. Through rigorous team building activities, service projects, and staff shadowing, CILTs introduces campers to the skills necessary to be a leader in the real world while forging life-long relationships.


A Day in the Life of CILTs


Mornings are spent together doing team-building activities, having camp adventures, and growing closer as a group. Afternoons are spent “adopting” a cabin group of campers each week. They shadow the counselors during activity times to learn from them and from younger campers.


In addition, CILTs have lots of special opportunities that are unique to the CILT program. These include:

  • An extended float trip on the Tippecanoe River
  • Team-building activities at The Leadership Center
  • The chance to lead chapel as a CILT session
  • The opportunity to be in charge of leading a devotion and activity
  • A camper-created original CILT cheer and song
  • Service opportunities at a local nursing home





CILTs in Their Own Words


“It’s the most amazing and uplifting place in the world. Everyone works together and cares about each other. You feel better about yourself, and once you’re there you never want to leave.” –  CILT Camper


“CILTs was an incredible opportunity to stretch myself to the limit. It inspired creative thinking and self innovation while teaching me to work as a leader with people I will never forget. The friends I made in CILTs are my best friends today. There is no other program where 40 kids grow so much in only two weeks. Team CILT has made such an impact on my life that I will forever cherish that last summer as a camper.” – CILT Camper


“I thought it was going to be just another year at camp, but CILTs was so much different. I can honestly say it changed my life and helped me become the person I want to be. It was the best two weeks of my life.” – CILT Camper


CILTs is the reason I can see God’s love. All of these amazing leaders are brought together by our faith. My time at camp last summer is still impacting my life today.” – CILT  Camper