What Parents and Campers Say

Hear why Camp T holds a special place in their hearts. 


Here are some of the quotes we’ve received on our camp evaluations. As you can see, there’s a reason our camp sessions fill up quickly!



Quotes from Campers


This is one of the best places in the world, once you go, you don’t want to leave. – Camper, age 13


Most amazing place that allows you to step out of your comfort zone and be yourself. – Camper, age 15


This place changes lives and without it I wouldn’t have amazing friends and such a close relationship to God. – Camper, age 15


There is nothing like it. It’s its own world full of love, family, and fun. – Camper, age 17


Camp Tecumseh is the experience of a lifetime. It is the one place I know I can be myself and become friends with other people that are just being themselves. Camp Tecumseh is also where I feel closest to God.” – Camper, age 14


Camp Tecumseh will change your life and will make you see things in another perspective you wouldn’t have seen before. It is a great second family to be loved and cared about forever. My 4 years have been an experience I will never forget. – Camper, age 13


It is the happiest place in the world. It will change your life! – Camper, age 15



Quotes from Parents


The first words out of our son’s mouth were, ‘Camp Tecumseh was the best thing that ever happened to’ – Parent of camper, age 10


Camp Tecumseh is everything a summer camp should be with faith interjected. Safe, encouraging, fantastic staff, perfect facility, and great communication (daily photos).


Your counselors make Tecumseh what it is… they are awesome, energetic, and FUN! … This is the best camp ever! This is one of the most fun places I have ever been. My son came home energetic, enthusiastic – he was not homesick at all! Your counselors are amazing! – Parent of camper, age 11


We continue to be impressed with the quality of the camp and the counselors. It is our girls favorite week of the year! – Parent of camper, age 14


It’s Christian, safe, clean, and fun. The kids LOVE it, counting down the days until their next visit.  They are tearful upon leaving. They care about the kids and the details. – Parent of camper, age 14


It’s all about the people. From cabinmates, to counselors to adults- everyone is caring and loving. All is fun and happy. She LOVES Camp T. Counts down the days every year! Thank you for providing this great experience for her! It has truly impacted her life forever. – Parent of camper, age 15


You’re doing a great job! Lucy is my third and last child to go to Camp T. We wouldn’t have sent them anywhere else. – Parent of camper, age 10


My son has never spent the night away from home without family prior to this experience and now he is talking about wanting to go to camp every year and become a counselor. Since he has returned home we have noticed huge gains in his self-confidence and even other adults he has come in contact with have mentioned that there is an obvious change with him! Thank you! – Parent of camper, age 9


I love listening to my children recap their experiences at camp over and over. My kids come home stronger in their faith, leadership, and self-confidence. – Parent of camper, age 12


The independence and social skills she has gained from this experience is exceptional. – Parent of camper, age 8


It was a great first time camp experience away from home. I appreciated the cleanliness and organization as well as the caring, nurturing, and bubbly personalities of the counselors. – Parent of camper, age 10


Extreme fun, Christian, beautiful facilities, trusted and well trained staff, horses, great emphasis on motto and morals. Camp has become our ‘must do’ each summer! – Parent of camper, age 11


Our kids do not stop talking about what a great time they had and the things they learned. When we picked up our kids at camp this year, our kids would not let us leave until we signed up for next year! – Parent of camper, age 13


Our son always comes back with fantastic memories, and we as parents, really appreciate the counselors’ attitudes and examples, and we love the online pictures! – Parent of camper, age 14


It is like stepping into another world. It is the best second family I could ever have. – Parent of camper, age 15