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We’re so glad you and your school could join us. Let us know how we did. What can we do to make the experience even better?

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    How likely are you to recommend a Tecumseh experience to a friend?

    absolutely notnot likelylikelyvery likely

    Do you feel like your students were able to meet new friends while here at Camp?

    absolutely noteh, probably notmaybe a fewabsolutely

    Do you feel like your school community was strengthened as a result of this trip?

    nopemaybe a little bityesabsolutely

    How well does the curriculum support what you are trying to teach in the classroom?

    it contradicts what I'm trying to teachit doesn'tit's closeit's very supportive

    Did you feel like parents/guardians became more involved in your school community as a result of this trip?

    not at allnot mucha little bita lot

    How well do you feel like you were able to connect with your students on a deeper level while here at Camp?

    I wasn't able to connectI didn't connect muchI connectedI connected a lot

    How effective are Saturday workshops in preparing chaperones for the trip?

    not effectivesomewhat effectiveeffectivevery effective

    What was one of your favorite memories or stories from this year?

    In what ways do you think a Camp experience is an important part of your students’ academic success?

    Any additional comments/feedback about your trip?