Outdoor Education Evaluation

Let us know how we did

We’re so glad you and your school could join us. Let us know how we did. What can we do to make the experience even better?

How did this years experience compare to previous ones? Was there anything new that you liked? Anything from previous years that you missed this time?

What do you think the Camp Staff could do to serve you better? What do they do well? What do they need to improve one?

What are the main benefits to bringing your students to Camp T for this experience and how does it compliment your work back in the classroom?

What follow up action do you do with your students when you get back to school?

What are the major challenges in making this experience happen? Do you see ways that we may be able to help in this process?

What are the specific strong points of the program that you come for? Are there any areas of the program that you think need improving in the way we run things?

Are you happy with the way that we train/prepare people for the experience?

Are there any State Standards that we could help you teach that are not already built into the program?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?


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