Camp Tecumseh Construction Updates

Working for the next 100 years.

As we approach our 100th anniversary in 2024, we are well on our way in preparing for the next 100. After recently completing the largest fundraising campaign in Tecumseh’s history, construction is underway on the new Barbara F. Kampen Dining Hall.


Follow along with the construction process on this live cam:

The Beginning

How it all got started

We want to be clear about this: this all got started because of you. After almost 100 years of use of our historic River Village, we came to you and asked for your help to set us up for the next 100 years. It is because of your support that we finished the largest fundraising campaign in Tecumseh’s history.

Whether you donated your money, sent your kids to camp, brought a group, came with a school, attended Family Camp, or prayed for us, you played a part in this accomplishment.

Now, many of the projects associated with the Campaign for Tecumseh have been completed, including support staff housing, two new cabin duplexes, a major infrastructure improvement to our septic system.



The Middle

How it’s going

As mentioned above, some aspects of the Campaign for Tecumseh are already complete and in use. But the key piece of the campaign – the new Barbara F. Kampen Dining Hall – is currently under construction. The new dining hall will be the biggest building at camp and will serve thousands of guests year-round.

3 Dining Rooms for 500 guests

Separated by movable walls, the 3 distinct dining rooms joined together can accommodate up to 500 guests. For smaller groups or groups requiring additional privacy, the rooms can be divided and closed off maximizing flexibility.

Large and Flexible Conference Rooms

Three distinct conference rooms featuring large windows overlooking Main Field are separated by movable walls and can be configured and reconfigured to meet the many needs of our various groups.

The Library

The cozy library is the perfect place to relax, catch up, and make new friends and is built for small group breakout sessions, indoor clinics, and casual conversation.

The Trading Post

River Village’s Trading post will be moved from it’s current location near the River Village Lodge to the new dining hall. With plenty of storage, and lots of window space, the relocated trading post will facilitate smoother guest transactions, and be easier to staff and locate.

Fellowship Room

A central indoor gathering place for all groups, the fellowship room is perfect for Parent Orientations for Outdoor Education groups, check-ins for conferences, and the occasional email break.

Covered Porch Space

A wrap-around porch provides the perfect place to play carpet ball, make friendship bracelets, or hang out with friends before lunch. In addition, a stage provides a spot to perform dances, skits, and songs.

We broke ground on the dining hall on July 7, 2021

It was the culmination of this years-long campaign, and a very exciting moment for camp. See the photos from the groundbreaking.



The End

How it will be

As we stride forward to our 100th anniversary in 2024, we are excited to know that this construction will already be in use. We expect to begin serving meals and utilizing the vast program space in the Barbara F. Kampen Dining Hall by the start of 2023.

Keep checking back in to see how the construction process is going.

For more information about giving to Tecumseh, contact Stacey Seeger.