In July of 1929, Esther Beard attended Camp Tecumseh. 87 years later, her souvenir postcards are handled by her great grandson, Matt Moller. On a recent Outdoor Education Trip with his daughter with Hazel Dell Elementary School, Matt shared his Great Grandmother’s postcards with us. Take a look at camp life from 1929.


Girls gather around the flagpole.


1929 Camp Tecumseh Postcards-9

Before the lake and the pools, campers swam in the Tippecanoe River.

1929 Camp Tecumseh Postcards-9

Camp Tecumseh has never been a single gender camp. However, girls and boys would attend camp at different times.

1929 Camp Tecumseh Postcards-10

The original River Village Lodge. Instead of cabins, campers stayed in platform tents.

1929 Camp Tecumseh Postcards-8

While the Barbara Kampen chapel features state of the art audio and video technology, a large stage for performances, a beautiful stained glass cross, and a stone finish, a few things remain the same: it still overlooks the Tippecanoe River, and it’s still one of our campers favorite spots.


1929 Camp Tecumseh Postcards-1


Chief Raise Wings “Buck”.


1929 Camp Tecumseh Postcards-7