What? A Camp Without Tents?


Many times when parents tour Camp Tecumseh YMCA for the first time, they ask the same question: “Where are the tents?”


The funny thing is that we’ve never really had tents at Camp Tecumseh. Campers stayed in tents during our first summer camp session in 1924 – but only because the cabins weren’t completed in time for our first group of campers. Those early cabins were rather primitive – just wood frames with canvas roofs and sides – but they still weren’t tents!


All of the cabins in existence today (except one that remains as a historical monument) have been built in the past few decades. The cabins are log cabins with …

  • Built-in bunkbeds
  • Attic fans and large windows to keep things cool during the summer months
  • Attached bathrooms with toilets, sinks, and showers much like what you have at home


So, although many of us on staff are fans of tent camping, you won’t find tents at Camp Tecumseh. Instead, you’ll find comfortable, modern log cabins with many of the conveniences of home.