A Tecumseh Christmas List

Your Guide to Living Third During Christmas


We all make Christmas lists. They include our desired gifts, gifts to purchase, presents to wrap, places to visit, recipes to cook, and so much more. This year, we made a Christmas list to help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with the people you love. Here’s your Tecumseh guide to being third this Christmas.


Say “I love you” to the people you love

From your family to your friends to your significant others, let’s tell the people we love most how we feel about them. There are plenty of ways to say it, but a heartfelt “I love you” almost always does the trick.


Donate Gently Used Toys

Wondering where you’re going to store all the new gadgets you’ll find under the tree this season? Clear some room in the toy box by donating gently used toys to charity. Not only will you make some space, you’ll help reinforce the value of giving back.


Participate in Angel Tree Giving

Millions of children around the country, through no fault of their own, won’t be experiencing the wonder and joy that many children will be feeling on Christmas morning. A little gift goes a long way. Sponsored by the Salvation Army, the Angel Tree program provides families in need with an unforgettable Christmas morning.


Give the Gift of Camp

Few gifts are as valuable or as memorable as an experience at Camp Tecumseh. This season, give the gift of Camp by donating and you’ll provide a child with the opportunity to grow in character, confidence, and faith.


Spend some Time with God

Christmas is a great time to spend with God. His son is the star of the show after all. Whether that be in prayer, reading the Bible, or attending a church service, don’t forget to put God first on a holiday dedicated to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.


Make a Present for your Camp Friends

From friendship bracelets to quilts, few things mean more than taking the time to make a gift.  Whether your friends live next door or around the world, surprise them with a gift that will let them know how much they are loved.


Read your Favorite Story to a Child

From Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, some of the best stories are Christmas themed. Get swept away in the pages of your favorite Christmas tale with a youngster who will hang on your every word.


Feed those in Need

Whether it be donating to a food pantry, setting up a food drive, or volunteering at a soup kitchen, nothing gives you the warm fuzzies more than serving warm food during the holidays.


Gather your Friends and Go Caroling

The art of Christmas caroling is dying, and that’s a shame. Help revitalize the tradition by gathering up a group of family and friends and go sing your hearts out. A joyful heart, not a beautiful voice, is the only requirement.


Make Cookies for your Neighbors

Whether they be chocolate chip or gluten-free vegan cookie squares, nothing breaks the ice like a delicious plate of cookies. Share the holiday spirit and make an excuse to get to know your neighbors better by bringing over your favorite holiday sweets.


Watch a Christmas Movie with Family

Huddling up with family watching movies is special. From perennial classics like  It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas to offbeat favorites like Christmas Vacation and Elf, spend some time this season engrossed in a Christmas classic with the people you love most.


Write a letter to a friend

As Christmas cards flood your mailbox, make those you love feel special by sending out a good ol’ fashioned handwritten snail mail kind of letter.


Start a Tradition of Giving Back

The holiday season is full of traditions. Start a new one with your family by giving back in a way meaningful to you. Donate your time, talents, or treasures and make somebody’s Christmas bright.