Be Third: It’s More Than a Motto


While at camp, our days are guided by the camp motto, “I am third”, where God is first, the other person is second, and I am Third. But what happens after camp? After our campers go back home and back to school, the challenge expressed at Closing Campfire truly comes to life.


Remember how we thought forward to these situations – to the choices and decisions you face every day?

  • How to act, or how not to act.
  • What to say to someone, or what not to say
  • What kind of an influence you would be on the people around you.


The challenge is to use the “I’m Third” motto as a guide in these situations – and in every situation.


Be Third is more than a motto. It’s a guide to making choices so the results will be pleasing to God. Remember the song, “Be strong, be bold, for the Lord your God is with you!” Every day, in all you do, Be Third!