Camp Tecumseh Vocabulary


Camp Tecumseh YMCA is a special community and has its own culture. Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. As in any special culture there are a lot of phrases and sayings that have unique meaning at Camp Tecumseh. We thought we would share a few with you.


  • CAC: The Creative Arts Center is where you check in for summer camp and it is the headquarters for River Village clinics like drawing, painting, friendship bracelets, clay, camp crafts, mask-making, scrapbooking and basket-making for campers in RV.
  • CILTs: Campers-in-Leadership-Training is for young men and women who have finished their sophomore year of high school.
  • CTA: Camp Tecumseh Appropriate. Everyone is on special behavior here. Even actions or language that might be acceptable at school or on a team may not be CTA here. Bad language, picking on others or making fun of them, being selfish, etc. are examples of not being CTA. Encouraging others, showing initiative, being caring and respectful, showing responsibility are all CTA.
  • Ga-Ga: a game from Israel, played in an octagonal court. It is a fast paced combination of four-square and dodge ball.
  • Hoppers: the two people from each cabin who set the dining room tables for our family-style meals.
  • Lake: as in “are you at Lake?” normally refers to Lake Village, the area of camp that is adjacent to Richard G. Marsh Lake. In Lake or LV is where you will find the older campers, the Scheu, and Kampen, the cool lodge where you check-out on Saturday morning.
  • Minglet: the ring from the top of a gallon of milk. Squeeze and shape into a heart and give them to others as a token of friendship
  • Oregon Territory: the area of RV east of the swimming pools.
  • River or RV: River Village, the original area of camp along the Tippecanoe River. It is where the younger campers and CILTs live. It is where check in occurs at the CAC.
  • Torchbearers: 15 year old campers who go through a special culmination ceremony at closing campfire.