Meet the Spring 2018 Outdoor Education Staff

The spring 2018 Outdoor Education staff is here and they speak for the trees. Channeling their inner-Lorax, they’ll be teaching kids all season about the world around them, while helping community bloom in schools from all over the midwest.



Mongoose is blessed to live here at Tecumseh year round as the Outdoor Education Director. After spending most of his childhood in Michigan and North Carolina, he found himself in the sunshine state at the University of Miami where he earned a degree in Microbiology and Immunology. After college he was accepted into Teach For America as a high school Biology and AP Biology teacher. It was during his time in the classroom that he fell in love with education and the impact that an experience outside of the classroom can have on the culture within.  In his role here at Tecumseh he loves the opportunity he has each and every day to support our teachers in the life-changing work they do. In his free time he enjoys reading a good book, going for a run, traveling with family and friends, and lounging with his dog Dash. Looking forward to having you out to Tecumseh!


Jalapeño grew up in Crawfordsville and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Human Services. She met her husband here at Camp while they were summer camp counselors in 2010 and got married in June of 2014. They live here at Camp with their son Zeke, and dog Miley. Jalapeño started working at Tecumseh the summer of 2010, and then stayed to work Outdoor Education for a few more seasons. This summer will be her third year on full-time staff. Some of her favorite things include her son’s laughter, singing, crafting, and movie theater popcorn.


Joules is a ball of energy! 😉 She moved to Indiana from colorful Colorado this past January to join Camp Tecumseh’s full time team.  She loves being outside and you can usually find her at home cooking spaghetti after a long day of hiking. Joules has a degree in Zoology and worked at three different zoos and four different camps before deciding to put her roots down with the corn in Indiana. She is passionate about reconnecting kids with the natural world and making sure that every student knows they can be a scientist!


As the sun shines, casting a shadow, a mountain emerges in the safari. This is Kilimanjaro. Hello, everyone. Kilimanjaro is one of the full time staff in the Outdoor Education department.His humble beginnings started him as a pile of rocks, stones, and dirt in Belleville, Illinois. As he summited his training as a mountain, he attended MacMurray College and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. He’s worked with three other Camps before repositioning as the current rock formation of Kilimanjaro of Indiana. When he’s not the mountain, people call him Brother Nature. He supervises and cares for the live animals in the nature center. He’s also Camp’s beekeeper. Hiking, campfire dinners, hammocking, and playing with reptiles are things he enjoys. Enjoy your time at Camp, and be an advocate for nature.


Dingo is from Frankfort, Illinois. Not to be mistaken with Frankfort, Indiana, home of the hotdogs. Frankfort, Illinois is more like one of the biggest craft booth gathering places in the United States (yes, she’s serious. She has spent hours walking from booth to booth). She is currently taking classes online working towards her degree in business administration with a focus on project management. She has been part of Camp Tecumseh since the summer of 2012. This is her 8th season with the Outdoor Education program and she’s so excited to be back for another season to see the amazing changes that happen when students and teachers come to Camp!


Eclipse (lunar, not solar) is from the mighty metropolis of Brookston, Indiana. She started coming to Camp when she was 5 years old and it played a huge part in her life. She is so excited for her fourth season of OE here at Camp T! She loves working in the pioneering program, baking biscuits and johnny cakes, as well as singing crazy songs at Campfire. In her free time, she loves hiking, hammocking, biking, and trying to bake fancy things. If she had to pick a favorite breakfast cereal, she would probably have to go with oatmeal because there are so many things you can put in it.


Armadillo? That’s his father’s name. You can just call him Dilla! He grew up in Lake Zurich, Illinois and went to school just down the road at Purdue University. This is his second season here at Camp Tecumseh and he’s so excited to be back! In his free time he loves to hoop it up, watch movies that range in quality, drink copious amounts of coffee, and visit his favorite spot at Camp: The Eagle’s Nest. If you see him around Camp be sure to say hi!


Hey look! It’s Jupiter, swinging into orbit! She’s so excited to be here with y’all for the first time as an Outdoor Education staff member! Her Great Red Spot began to form not too far from here in Indianapolis, IN. After she got a few rings under her belt, she decided to go to college at Purdue University to study about her many moons along with many other cool facts! This is her 4th and final year at Purdue and she is due to graduate in May. When she’s not in view, Jupiter tends to gravitate towards hanging out with her friends, playing her guitar and singing, as well as reading her favorite book, the Bible! Well, looks like she’s gotta blast! Jupiter, over and out!


Amazing! Algae has flown on the wings of an eagle from the beautiful south suburbs of Chicago to Camp Tecumseh. She has also lived in San Diego and now resides in the great state of Indiana. Algae is currently pursuing a degree in human services and will be transferring to Purdue University in the fall. She’s a retired skateboarder, and in her free time she adores going rock climbing, doing the art, and watching cinematically beautiful movies. This is her second season with the Outdoor Education department, and she couldn’t be more excited!


Veggie has all the nutrients any camper could need. He sprouted 20 years ago in the great state of Texas (Houston). After graduating from high school, Veggie attended The University of Texas where he studied Political Science and English with a minor in Education. Veggie is happy that he has finally landed at Camp Tecumseh. His love for politics, English, and cooking (not vegetables though) is unmatched by his passion for kids. He is dedicated to impacting the lives of the next generation in as many ways as possible. He believes that a strong passion and drive can help anybody achieve their dreams. Veggie plans on transfering to a local school to continue his education. He hopes to enter the political world and maybe even run for President one day. It’s his first season as an Outdoor Educator and while he’s new to this area he knows his harvest will be full of great sproutlings.


The Eagle has landed. Four years ago, while soaring in from Texas, she saw a shimmering light. It turned out to be a Camp Tecumseh bonfire through the rustling leaves. She stopped for the night and gave her heart and soul to Camp T. She could check out anytime she’d like, but she really didn’t want to leave. Eagle grew up in Waco, Texas, where she developed her passion for horses through a saddle club from a young age. The grass looked bluer at the University of Kentucky where she graduated with a degree in Equine management and animal sciences. An eagle’s nest is big, sturdy, and comfortable for devouring delicious treats and sprawling out for rejuvenating naps. She also enjoys running, rowing, kickboxing and spending time with her family.

Jumbo Shrimp

Jumbo Shrimp hails from the mighty seas of Indianapolis. He rose from the hoosier waves 22 years ago and has spent multiple summers at Camp Tecumseh as both a camper and counselor. Despite 10 years of floating around the Tecumseh waters, this will be his first season in outdoor education! Jumbo shrimp is studying biology and chemistry at Butler University and is hoping to be a doctor in the future. Jumbo loves being in nature and swimming around in pretty much any body of water he can find. Despite his name, Jumbo shrimp is actually the tallest member of the OE team, and likes everything from playing sports to reading books. That’s right, Jumbo shrimp is a nerd.

Red Wolf

Red Wolf was born 23 years ago in Effingham, Illinois and spent her cubhood years in a little town ten miles west called Altamont. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s in Animal Sciences and a minor in Leadership Studies and she loves using that here at Camp! She has been an equestrian counselor (go horses!) for two summers, and this is her second season as part of OE. Other pieces of her include 4-H, FFA, a passion for agriculture, a love of reading and crafts, anything and everything to do with horses, cooking and baking, NCIS, and laughing with friends and family. Her favorite place on Earth is Kettlehut Chapel or walking the trails at Camp T.


From Saint Louis, Missouri, Java has spent her life traveling, learning, and perfecting her rock impressions. After high school, she graduated from college with an applied science degree in Veterinary Technology, and then from the University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. After University, she spent Summer and Fall at camps in Missouri and North Carolina. She then traveled North to spend a snow-filled season working at a winter camp in Ontario, Canada. She has a love for hiking, swimming, and face-planting in snow piles. Java is fueled by coffee, tacos, and literally hugging trees. She is thrilled to be spending her next adventure as member of the Tecumseh staff.


Egg is super ‘egg-cited’ to be at Camp T! A 2016 Twin Lakes High School grad, he’s the ‘freshest’ of the Outdoor ‘Egg-ucation’ carton. An endless source of fun energy, you won’t ever see him ‘crack!’ He usually ‘yokes’ around a lot, and is an expert at awful jokes. He’s also ‘egg-celent’ in the kitchen and loves baking and pastry. He ‘egg-joys’ local Indiana history and collecting antiques. He specializes in antique glass pre 1880. Stay on the ‘sunny side up!’


Without feather ado – Hello! Many years ago, Raptor hatched in the nearby town of Lafayette, Indiana. Recently, she flew back north after spreading my wings at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) while studying Outdoor Recreation. While she may be a fledgling joining the Outdoor Education team for the first time this season, she have been at Camp Tecumseh for the past decade as both a camper and a counselor. I consider myself a jack of owl trades and enjoy things like woodworking, exploring the great outdoors, and learning to play guitar. I gotta fly – hope to see you all soon!