The Camp Tecumseh Ghost Cabin Legend


Long ago a cabin stood on this spot. A couple lived here, until one of them passed away. The other didn’t want to come back alone and so the cabin sat empty for many years.


As it became more and more run down from lack of care, it began to look pretty spooky. Cabin groups would venture out to the cabin and they all thought it looked haunted. They began to call it “the ghost cabin.”


Counselors made up stories and campers told them even bigger. Dares were made: I bet you wouldn’t go to the ghost cabin by yourself!


Then one night, more than 30 years ago, the cabin burned down. All that is left is an old fireplace. No ghosts and no ghost stories … but still a fun place to see if you can find it in the forest, on that little knoll above the creek.


It is still called Ghost Cabin, but it isn’t really so scary.