Why Support the Endowment Fund?


Campers don’t think of Camp Tecumseh as an institution. They think of it as “my favorite place in the World” or “where I can go and really be myself” … things like that. But adults tend to realize that camp is a charitable organization that is always planning ahead so it can have a secure future. Developing the Camp Tecumseh YMCA Endowment Fund is one way that is done.


The Endowment is made up of many smaller pockets of funds that have specific uses. Contributions become a “Forever Gift” because the principle amount is never depleted; only the interest and/or earnings can be used for the purposes designated. The Endowment currently has various pockets for such things as “camperships” for less-advantaged youngsters to attend, leadership development and other staff training, summer nurses and other health services, and ongoing camp maintenance needs.


The Trailblazer Society is what we collectively call those who have contributed directly to the endowment or included Camp Tecumseh in their will, trust, life insurance, etc. The Trailblazers meet annually to welcome new members and to hear more about the good things camp’s Endowment is doing for campers. For more information, email giving@camptecumseh.org or call 765-564-2898.