Field Trip Contact

To-Do List for a Successful Tecumseh Field Trip

We are very excited to welcome you to Camp. We know how much extra effort it takes to give your students this opportunity and we appreciate the time you are dedicating to your students. Our goal is to make planning and preparation as easy as possible. Then, once you get here, we will take care of the rest. Below is a list of “to-do” items to prepare for your trip and to ensure a successful experience for everyone involved. Please take a look and make sure you are able to check everything off before arriving at Camp. If anything comes up or you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. As always, we are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you to create a memorable experience for your entire school community.

Contract & Deposit

Sign and return your contract with your deposit to confirm your dates.

  • Ensure the dates are correct along with the arrival and departure time.
  • Please include estimated numbers of boys/girls and men/women on the contract.
  • ABCs of planning a camp trip


Make sure you have enough help to supervise kids and teach trails.

  • Recruit parent volunteers to both teach trails and supervise in the cabin.
  • Provide parents with the Prepare information on our website.


Attend a workshop and register parents for a workshop ahead of time.

  • Held on Saturdays at Camp. Getting parents trained for your trip drastically improves the quality of the program for your students.
  • Workshops run from 9:30am-1:30pm on Saturdays. Free lunch is provided.
  • Training is held outside, so make sure parents come dressed to be on the trails.

Register for Workshop


Make sure you know who is teaching trails.

  • Assign adults to trails they have been trained in.
  • Let parents know in advance what trails they will be teaching.


Know how you and your class are getting here.

  • Confirm whether you are coming by bus or by car.
  • Confirm arrival and departure times.
  • Camp is on EDT all year.

 Planning Packet

Make sure your campers are assigned in the following groups.

  • Cabin groups
  • Trail groups
  • Table groups
  • Make sure you have an adult chaperone responsible for each of these groups as well.

You will send us an email with the following information: cabin groups, trail groups, and table groups.

These groups are assigned based on the estimated numbers provided on the contract. Please contact Matt at if you need to make any changes or your numbers have changed.

 Name Tags

Helpful for Camp staff, teachers, and parents. Make sure your students’ name tags include the following:

  • Camper name
  • Cabin name
  • Trail group name
  • Hopper assignment

 Student Preparation

Make sure your students know what to expect and what to bring:

  • Send them the packing list.
  • Trails are rain or shine so make sure they come dressed for weather.


Interested in T-shirts for your Camp trip? You can pre-order shirts for your group by emailing us your t-shirt order form at least two weeks prior to your trip. Shirts will be sent directly to your school before you come to camp.

T-Shirt Order Form