Marketing Director

We’re looking for a passionate storyteller who can think creatively and bring people together

The Marketing Director is responsible for managing the Camp Tecumseh Brand, producing a content and engagement strategy, and creating content. Through writing, design, photography, videography, web development, print production, and social media management, the Marketing Director supports Tecumseh’s programs while keeping campers, camper families, staff, alumni, and donors connected to Camp Tecumseh all year long.

Salary: $35,000 to $40,000 Annually
Benefits Offered: Vision, Medical, Dental
Employment Type: Full Time


Here’s what we’d like to see

  • Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, communications, journalism, or visual design.
  • 3 to 5 years experience in marketing, design, & content production. Non-profit experience is a plus
  • Exceptional writing ability across forms including web copy, blogs, and print
  • Keen design sensibility and knack for creating attractive print & digital content
  • Proficiency in photography & video in studio and on location including knowledge of digital camera systems, natural and artificial lighting, editing techniques, workflow management, and digital distribution
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, WordPress, Mailchimp, and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo
  • Understanding of SEO best practices, and Google AdWords
  • Ability to self-direct, manage time, and meet deadlines
  • Ability to keep up with the media trends and changing technologies
  • Working basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & Javascript preferred
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and ability to build relationships with the Tecumseh family
  • Personal belief in camp’s mission and vision


Here’s what you’ll do

Marketing & Engagement Strategy

  • Create an annual marketing & engagement strategy
  • Meet with department head bi-annually to determine marketing needs
  • Meet with development director regularly to discuss strategy
  • Craft a content calendar with projects and deadlines

Web Development

  • Coordinate long-term development of Camp Tecumseh website
  • Evaluate website for accuracy and effectiveness on an ongoing basis
  • Write, curate, and update copy, photos, & video content on web pages
  • Act as a liaison between outside vendor and Camp staff regarding updates to the function of our site

Content Creation, Curation, & Solicitation

  • Record Camp events through photography and videography
  • Capture camp stories through photography, video, audio production, and more
  • Tell stories about campers, staff, alumni, and donors that show the effect of Camp
  • Solicit content from camp staff and alumni on topics related to engagement strategy
  • Round up content from web that positions camp’s brand, and helps us tell our story
  • Create monthly E-newsletters that aggregate best content from the month

Social Media Management

  • Act as an administrator on Camp Social Media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo)
  • Participate regularly in our social media community
  • Publish content on a regular basis
  • Train and assign other staff to participate and contribute to social media accounts

Create Print Materials

  • Work with Departments to design and develop promotional material including forms, brochures, advertisements, postcards, and signage
  • Develop and maintain relationships with printers both locally and online to ensure exceptional product quality and cost/quality ratio
  • Design and update business communication including letterhead, envelopes, & business cards
  • Design and update camp signage and information including maps, program supplies, and directions
  • Work with staff to create trading post items, teacher gifts, and limited edition items for sale

Equipment & Technology Maintenance

  • Maintain Camp’s equipment for content production including computers, cameras, microphones, storage, and accessories
  • Purchase new equipment and upgrades as needed and approved
  • Work with staff responsible for IT to evaluate computing, network, and storage needs for media production

Manage Summer Media Staff

  • Plan and lead media training prior to start of Summer Camp
  • Work with summer camp director to recruit and hire media staff
  • Directly supervise summer camp media staff and media/marketing interns
  • Conduct evaluations with all media staff
  • Build relationships with staff that enables professional and personal growth
  • Follow up with disciplinary or corrective issues as needed

Create resources for Staff & Posterity

  • Build and maintain “brand book” that allows staff to craft content on their own
  • Train and schedule staff members to contribute social media posts and blog posts
  • Create a photo and video library of our best work
  • Create end of year photo books containing the year’s best photos
  • Prepare items for long-term storage in the archive

Budget Development and Oversight

  • Work with Department Heads and administrative staff to assess the needs for the upcoming year
  • Evaluate equipment and software for possible replacement and upgrades
  • Prepare and present a yearly budget keeping value and potential return on investment as a high priority
  • Work with the Associate Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer on any large, capital purchases
  • Ensure that all purchases and orders are in line with the yearly budget or approved by the Associate Executive Director if outside of the budget

Other Opportunities to Impact Camp’s Image

  • Depending on the staff member’s skillset and the needs of camp
  • May include assistance to the Development Director in areas of Annual Fund or Alumni Development
  • May include management and support of Camp’s Information Technology


Send us your resume

To apply, please send your resume to Joel Sieplinga at