Summer Staff

Changing the World Starts Here

Get ready to embark on a summer that will alter the trajectory of your life. Few experiences are as profound or impactful as a summer spent working at Camp Tecumseh.

All on-site seasonal staff will be required to be vaccinated for 2022. 

“Being a counselor at Camp Tecumseh was the most significant formative experience of my college career. The four summers I spent on staff helped me grow into the person and teacher I am today like no other experience.”

Camp Tecumseh doesn’t just change our campers’ lives. It can change yours.

Camp Tecumseh recently conducted a survey of over 100 past Tecumseh counselors to gauge the impact of a Tecumseh experience on their lives.

Faith Development


My time working at Tecumseh strengthened my personal faith development


Because of my experience, I’m more comfortable talking about my faith



I felt loved at Tecumseh


Camp Tecumseh taught me how to better love others.



I consider my Tecumseh friends some of my best friends


I still keep in touch with the friends I made at Tecumseh



My time at Tecumseh helped me grow in self confidence.


My time working at Tecumseh helped make me a better leader in my work and life.

Career Preparation


My Tecumseh experience helped prepare me for my career.


I still use the skills I learned at Tecumseh in my every day work.

“When I interview for jobs, it’s hard for me to not talk exclusively about Tecumseh, simply because it was the most valuable source of personal, spiritual, and leadership growth I’ve ever experienced.”

Summer Staff Positions

Find your perfect fit

All staff positions require a positive attitude, commitment to safety, integrity, commitment to Christian values, and a determination to give 100% to the children and the job. All on-site seasonal staff will be required to be vaccinated for 2022.   

 PositionMin. Age Full Summer SalaryQualifications
Day Camp Counselor17$225/weekA positive attitude and desire to be an excellent role model.
Cabin Counselor18$4,250 - $4,450A positive attitude and desire to be an excellent role model.
Equestrian Camp Counselor18$4,250 - $4,450A positive attitude and desire to be an excellent role model. Teaching experience and/or CHA Certification a plus.
Barn Staff18$4,750 - $4,950A positive attitude, willingness and ability to work hard, and comfortable around horses and other animals.
Aquatics Staff19$5,250 - $5,450Current Red Cross Lifeguard Certification, experience in aquatic safety and supervision (open water a plus). Lifeguard certification bonus included in salary.
Adventure Sports Coordinator19$5,000 - $5,200Coordinate our riflery, archery, atlatl, and slingshot programs. Previous experience a plus.
Camp Stores Manager21$5,000 - $5,200Excellent organization skills and comfortable with various computer programs. Retail sales experience a plus.
Trading Post Staff/Town Run18$4,250 - $4,450Leadership experience, confident in managing store inventory, ability to work as a team to accomplish a variety of tasks, willing to spend time running errands, valid drivers licenses required.
Administrative Assistant18$4,250 - $5,000Must have excellent written and phone communication skills, and ability to work independently.
Leadership Center Program Staff21$4,850 - $5,000Can be structured as an internship. Works directly with groups served through the Tecumseh Leadership Center. Responsibilities include facilitating team building activities, running program areas, and hosting groups that are on site.
Creative Arts Coordinator18$4,750 - $4,950Knowledge and skills of various crafts: ceramics, basketry, bead work, general crafts
Multimedia Specialist18$4,750 - $4,950Digital photography, videography, computer media, or other media creation experience. Other IT experience needed as well.
Tripping Staff21$4,250 - $5,200Lead campers on off-site adventure trips. Ability to drive 15 passenger vehicle, clean driving record, Lifeguard Certification.

Salary Information:

All salaries include a $75/week bonus paid at completion of contract.

Example: Counselor weekly salary = $425/week (paid at $350/week + $75/week bonus at the completion of contract)

Additional Salary Potential:

  • Returning Bonus = $10/week/year of experience (max of additional $20/week)
  • Lifeguards = $75/week
  • Horsemanship = $25/week
  • High ropes = $25/week
  • Full summer bonus = $350 (for staff that work staff training + all 9 weeks)

“I learned how to love myself and discovered what it means to be confident. I learned that it was okay to make mistakes. I learned how to be a strong leader, how to communicate, and how to problem solve constructively. I learned how to be a good friend and role model. I use many of the skills I learned at Tecumseh at work every single day. It’s impossible for me to imagine who or what I would be had I not worked at Tecumseh.”

2023 Summer Staff Schedule

Subject to Change

ItemDatesAdditions for Training / Certification
Leadership Staff Training
(Unit Coordinators and Village Directors only)
May 19-21Regular salary paid during this time.
Lifeguard Training
Upon successful completion of this training participants will receive certification through the American Red Cross as a Lifeguard which includes First Aid, CPR, and AED.
May 26-30Additional $50.00 per week of camp to anyone possessing a current lifeguard certification.
Support Staff Training
Required for all non-cabin counselor support staff positions.
TBDRegular salary paid during this time
Horsemanship Training
Participants will learn the skills and techniques necessary to develop and teach lessons in our Horsemanship Program at Camp Tecumseh. Experience with horses is preferred but not required.
May 21-24Additional $25 per week of camp.
Equestrian Staff Training (Equestrian Staff Only)
Become familiar with Camp Tecumseh Equestrian Program, horses, lesson format and guidelines, and staff.  Required for all Equestrian Staff
May 21-26Regular salary paid during this time
High Ropes Training
Learn the skills needed to instruct/facilitate camp program areas such as the rock climbing wall, Skywalkers High Ropes Course, and the zip line.
May 21-24Additional $10.00 per week of camp.
High Ropes Recertification
For those who have gone through Camp Tecumseh High Ropes Training in the past
TBDAdditional $10.00 per week of camp.
Media Team Training
Become familiar with Camp Tecumseh's media equipment and philosophy. Learn the in's and out's of what it takes to tell the story of summer at Tecumseh. Required for all Media Staff.
May 30-31Regular salary paid during this time
All Overnight Camp Staff Training May 31 - June 10Regular salary paid during this time
Overnight CampJune 11-August 12Regular salary paid during this time
All Day Camp Staff Training Week of June 11Regular salary paid during this time
Day CampJune 19 -Aug 4Regular salary paid during weeks worked

“Even though I considered taking an internship one summer that I thought was more relevant to my college major, I made the best decision for my career to work another summer at Camp Tecumseh. Tecumseh prepared me for life in ways I couldn’t have possibly imagined.”


Overnight Camp

Overnight and Equestrian Camp staff opportunities include the position of camp counselor, along with a number of support and administrative roles. Overnight staff members must be 18 years old, and must have completed their first year of college. All potential staff must pass a background check, including nationwide criminal and sex offender registry checks. Staff commit to live at camp for staff training and the nine weeks of the camp season. All on-site seasonal staff will be required to be vaccinated for 2022. For more information, contact Meg Piechocki.

Apply for Overnight Camp Staff

Day Camp

Day Camp staff members work between 2 1/2 to 7 1/2 weeks during the summer, depending on their availability. These weeks aren’t necessarily consecutive. Day Camp staff members must have completed at least their junior year of high school and be at least 17 years of age by the first day of Day Camp staff training (June 12, 2023). They live on site with an overnight camp cabin group during their employment and hold a range of positions, from counselor to assistant director. For more information, contact Jordan Seeger.

Apply for Day Camp Staff

“Working at Camp was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I’ve been a best man twice because of Camp. I’ve made my best friends here.”

International Staff

Role models come from everywhere

If you live outside of the United States, we ask that you apply through one of the following international placement organizations. Since face-to-face interviews and police background checks are required, we cannot place you directly. When you contact the organization you can tell them you would like your application sent to Camp Tecumseh YMCA first. If we don’t have a position to fit your skills and talents, you would then have the opportunity to be placed at another camp.

These organizations will be able to tell you where to contact them in your home country and what process you must go through. If you are a student in the United States, you may be able to go through the International office at your university so check with them first.

International Exchange of North America (IENA)




More Opportunities

We’re so much more than a Summer Camp.

Camp Tecumseh has programs that operate all year long. From weekend retreats to field trips for school groups we never stop working to make the world a better place. If you’re interested in non-summer seasonal positions; kitchen, housekeeping, or maintenance positions; or full-time positions, we’ve got you covered.

More Opportunities