Overnight Camp 2021

An overnight camp experience unlike any other

We are working hard to prepare and intend to run camp this summer. We are very excited about the opportunity to gather again in person. There will be changes, but our focus is on providing a safe and impactful experience for all of our campers.

We are working daily to finalize details. We recognize that this is a very fluid situation, so we will continue to communicate and keep you updated on changes leading up to camp this summer.

Before you arrive, and once you’re here

We need everyone’s help to protect the health and safety of Camp

We are working diligently to provide the safest and healthiest experience we can. With that in mind, these are our expectations for the pre-summer health screening, the check-in health screening, and continuous health screenings through each week of camp. The following procedures are based on guidance and consultation from the American Camp Association, the CDC, our local health department, and our supervising physician and camp nurse. They are subject to change based on the most up-to-date information and recommendations from these entities.

Pre-Camp Health Screening and Log

Campers will keep a health log for the 10 days leading up to their week of camp. If your camper exhibits any symptoms during this time period, please call camp. Please limit exposure, avoid large group gatherings, and take appropriate precautions during this time.

Arrive at Camp with a Negative PCR Test or Vaccine Verification

We are requiring that all campers arrive to camp with proof of vaccination, or a negative PCR test within a 72 hour period prior to arrival (Check your local health department and pharmacies for free or low-cost testing). If you had COVID in the last 3 months, you don’t need a negative test, but must bring proof of your positive test as well as documentation of the end of your quarantine. Schedule a test at a CVS near you.

Temperature Checks at Check-In

We will be checking the temperature of every camper upon arrival at camp. If a camper has a temperature of 100.4°F or higher, they will be asked to speak with our nurses. If the temperature does not go down after a reasonable amount of time, the camper will be asked to go home and have a physician discover why the temperature is high.

Ongoing Health Screening During Camp

All campers and staff will be screened throughout each week via twice-daily temperature checks. Additional screening will take place by the nurses if a temperature is elevated, or other symptoms are present. If any member of a duplex (a two cabin unit) shows COVID symptoms, that camper will be sent home from camp, and remaining members of the duplex will operate as a bubble with added restrictions. We are asking that families plan to pick up their camper within 6 hours of the decision to send them home, if applicable.

What Happens if There is a Positive Case

If a rapid test of a symptomatic camper or staff reveals a positive case of COVID-19, all campers or staff that are deemed close contacts – likely the entire duplex bubble – will be sent home, per CDC guidelines. Camp fees will be refunded on a prorated basis.

A Drive-Through Check-In

Watch this video to learn more about the check-in process.

    • Check-In window will be from 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM.
    • We will be doing a drive-through check-in process starting through the equestrian entrance off of Springboro Road. Please follow the signs as you approach camp. 
      • Please upload your negative PCR test results or proof of vaccination in your dashboard before you arrive. 
      • We are no longer requiring the daily health screening leading up to camp. 
  • Bunks will be randomly assigned to campers to ensure fairness, no matter what time you are assigned. 
  • We understand that there are logistical challenges here. If you are unable to come during your assigned time we understand, but adhering to these windows will drastically help ensure a smooth check-in process. 

DIRECTIONS: There is a block of construction in Brookston that requires a very brief detour. See the updated route.

Your Bubble at Camp

A unique opportunity to get to know your neighboring cabin

Meeting new friends, getting to know your cabin mates, and socialization in general are huge parts of what makes the camp experience so special. This year, campers will have the unique opportunity to really get to know those in their bubble: their cabin and neighboring cabin.

In addition, we are working on safe ways for bubbles to interact with other bubbles by utilizing masks and physical distancing.


No Weekend Stayovers

Preserving bubbles

To preserve those bubbles mentioned above, many activities and logistics of previous years will be altered this coming summer. In previous summers, some campers who have registered for back-to-back weeks would stay at camp over the weekend, between sessions. This summer, we will not be offering that option.


In a typical stayover weekend, campers from a variety of cabins would join together to stay in a small number of cabins as a group. This would inherently disrupt our efforts at preserving designated bubbles.

Those registered for multiple weeks

If you are registered for multiple weeks, we are going to ask that you pick your camper up on Saturday and check them back in on Sunday. When you come back for an additional week, there will be a separate check-in area at the Tecumseh Leadership Center where we will provide a rapid test at no cost. Have questions? Contact Camp at 765-564-2898.

CILTs will stay over

CILTs will be required to stay the weekend, and we will not be allowing them to leave or get picked up at any point during the session. They will stay at camp for the full two weeks to protect their bubble and limit exposure.

Limits on Large Gatherings

Keeping Camp Traditions, with Small Changes

Chapel, opening campfire, and closing campfire will be limited or altered in some ways. These are very important aspects of the Camp Tecumseh experience, and we are working on ways to provide them in a safe and healthy way. More detailed information to come.


Clinics are a major part of our program and we want campers to have the options to learn new skills and try new activities in a safe way. This year, clinics will be done as cabin activities. Because of the structure of clinics, and how much mixing of campers occurs during these times, we cannot run clinics as usual and still protect the bubbles.


  • We have modified the schedule for staggered meals. 
  • Both dining halls will be operating at 50% or less capacity for each meal. 
  • Campers will be eating within their bubbles and most items will be served at the table to limit the need to move around the dining hall. 
  • Campers and staff will be asked to wear a mask anytime they are inside the building and not sitting at their table.  
  • There will also be a number of times that cabins will be eating outside or cooking out throughout the week.

More Information to Come

We will continue to update this page

As we communicate to camper families via email throughout the Spring, and leading up to Summer, we will be updating this page with more details of the changes we are making.

Have questions?

Call Camp Tecumseh at 765-564-2898. Our office hours are 8 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday.

Registration questions? Contact:

Jamie Jones, Camp Registrar | jamiej@camptecumseh.org

Program questions? Contact the Overnight Camp team:


Frequently Asked Questions

The information above, and what you will read in the FAQ below, reflects our plans at this time. We will be continuously planning for the summer, and some of these details may evolve over time.

COVID Policies & Procedures

What safety measures have you implemented?

  • Our housekeeping department will increase cleaning and sanitizing of all areas of camp with CDC approved chemicals, including the use of electrostatic sprayers.
  • We have modified the schedule and created more spaces where campers will be able to wash their hands with soap and water.
  • There will be times that campers and staff will be asked to wear CDC approved masks, and opportunities where they are able to be without masks based on the situation.
    • Masks must be CDC approved, 2 layer masks.
    • Gaiters and face shields will not be an acceptable option.

Are negative COVID tests going to be required?

  • We will be requiring our staff to arrive with a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination.
  • For campers, we are requiring a negative PCR test conducted within 72 hours prior to your arrival, or proof of vaccination.
  • NOTE: If you had COVID within the 3 months prior to your session, you do not need a negative test. You will need to show proof of your positive test, as well as documentation that shows the end of your quarantine.
  • If you are a multiple-week camper, and you are returning for a second (or third) week, you will check-in at the Tecumseh Leadership Center where we will administer a rapid test at no cost.

What will the Pre-Camp Health Screening look like?

  • All campers will be asked to participate in a pre-camp health screening the 10 days leading up to their session. This is not a quarantine, but we are asking all campers to limit their exposure during this time and avoid large group gatherings. 
  • If your camper exhibits any symptoms, please call Camp.

Can I pick up my camper during the week for an appointment or other event?

Campers will not be permitted to leave during the week. If you do need to pick them up, they will be unable to return without pre-approval from camp directors.

Check-In and Check-Out

When do we check in, and where?
You will check in at the Equestrian entrance on the Sunday of your session. We will send an email prior to your arrival with specific details about what that process will look like. Additionally, you wan watch the video above on this page that highlights the check-in process.

When is check-out?
Check-out is Saturday, 9:30 – 11:00 AM. You will proceed through our main entrance and navigate directly to your camper’s cabin.

Summer Programming

What is the schedule going to look like this summer?

  • We are working to keep groups small, and focusing on cabin duplexes as Bubbles that will minimize interactions within big groups 
  • We are limiting/altering large group gatherings such as village games, chapels, clinics and campfires. 
  • Many of the same activities that have been part of the summer experience in the past will still be part of this summer.

My camper is staying multiple weeks. Will they have to pack their things up for the weekend?

  • Your campers are welcome to leave their belongings in their cabin during the stay-over weekend. 
  • We will be deep cleaning the cabins over the weekend, we will just ask that they stack things so we can clean around them.

Will you still be going to the pool/lake?

Yes. All aquatic activities will be available, we are just limiting the number of campers at each location for any one period.

What changes are happening to the CILT program?

  • Bigger emphasis on personal leadership development within the CILT “bubble”
  • CILTs will not shadow an adopted cabin or day camp throughout the week 
  • CILTs will be required to stay for the duration of the session and not be able to get checked out at any point, including the weekend. 
    • We will not be allowing visitors to come to camp on the weekends for CILTs.

Can I request more than one cabin mate?

  • We are only able to honor the 1 to 1 cabin mate request for this summer. 
  • We have found that when we have larger groups of campers together in one cabin, it can take away from the experience for everyone involved. 
  • We believe making new friends is one of the most essential aspects of a camp experience.
  • Due to the logistics and the number of campers we need to place, we are only able to guarantee the 1 to 1 requests.

Will Camp Tecumseh provide its usual laundry service?
Camp Tecumseh will not be offering the laundry service unless you are part of the CILT program.

Registration, Refunds, and Cancelations

How do I cancel? What is the cancelation policy?

  • To cancel, we need written confirmation. Please email Jamie Jones (jamiej@camptecumseh.org), our Registrar and she can help you with any cancelations. 
  • Our cancelation policy states that you can get a full refund, minus your $75 registration fee, if you cancel before 30 days prior to your week at camp.

How do I get a refund if I was registered for Horsemanship?

All payments made for horsemanship clinics will be automatically refunded. If you have a current balance on your account, we will apply those funds towards your remaining balance.