Summer Camp 2021

On a mission of great importance, while staying as safe and healthy as possible.

The health and safety of our campers and staff has been at the forefront of our program for almost 100 years. We are using that experience to prepare for summer camp in a world where COVID is still a major concern.

To safely run summer camp, it will be necessary to make changes – both small and large – to all aspects of our programs. We will be asking our full time staff, summer staff, campers, and camper families to join us in creating the safest possible environment we can. See our camp-wide changes below, and choose a button to see program-specific changes.

Camp-wide changes:

Some changes we make will apply specifically to a certain program, but these changes apply to all activity at Camp Tecumseh this summer.

  • Enhanced Cleaning/Sanitizing Procedures – We are modifying our cleaning procedures and working with our housekeeping staff to ensure that we are providing a clean environment in all areas of camp.
  • Limiting Large Group Gatherings – We are working to modify our schedule to limit or alter large group gatherings. Food service will be done at staggered meal times to limit the number of kids inside the dining hall at any one time.
  • Masks – Masks will be part of the camp experience, and there will be times where they are required. There will also be times throughout the day where campers will not have to wear a mask, such as sleeping or swimming. Campers will not be required to wear masks outdoors in most circumstances, with the exception of times where physical distancing from other bubbles and circles will be difficult. Additionally, day campers will be required to wear masks outdoors during check-in and through the end of chapel, as well as during check-out. Overnight campers will be required to wear masks outdoors during the torchbearer ceremony of closing campfire.
  • Shrinking Social Circles – For Overnight Camp, the cabin and the connections that happen within the cabin group have always been the core of the Tecumseh experience, and for this summer, that will be an even bigger emphasis. Our cabin groups will operate as bubbles, doing most of their activities in cabin groups or with their duplex. For Day Camp, circles of 2-3 trail groups will provide adequate opportunities to make friends and set a clearer limit on camper interactions for the week.