Counselor Resources

You’re going to do a great job this summer!

At the end of the day if you just remember to show God’s love through kindness and respect, your cabin will have a fantastic experience.  To provide you with a larger toolbox, here are some resources that might help:


Chapel Song Chords


Download “Music Stand” app on Apple or Android
Password:  ilovechapel


Chapel Resources

2023 Chapel Binder

Song List

Chapel Slideshow from Staff Training

2023 Digital Chapel Board

Devotion Binder

2023 Devotion Binder

Survival Manual

Survival Manual

Download the PDF

Newdl Information

Check out the write ups for all Newdls at the link below. Plus, if you need the write up template for creating a new Newdle, it is in the same folder at that link.


Newdl Write Ups

Weekend Duties



Weekend Duties 2023

Mental Health Resources

Purdue Consultants

Presentation and additional resources can be found here.

Lice Checks

Lice Checks

Watch the Video

Camper/Parent Evals