Summer Staff Forms

You’re hired! Congratulations. Now for some paperwork.


Here are some forms that have to be filled out prior to you starting at camp. We would definitely prefer if you would fill these out and send them back prior to you arriving at camp for staff training, but if you need to wait until then, we will survive.  Please read this information CAREFULLY.  There are lots of parts to this.For all of the forms, you can print them off, fill them in and then either mail them back to camp, fax them (765-564-3210) or scan them and email them to Nikita Parsons (

If you have any questions about how to fill out the forms, I encourage you to first check with a parent or someone else who has filled out tax forms before.  If you can’t do that, you can call in to camp and ask to speak with Winnie.  Even returning staff need to fill all of this information out.


Background Check Release Form

This is the first form that needs to be filled out and sent back to Joel or Jordan at camp ASAP.

Form I-9:  Employment Eligibility Verification

Fill out Section 1 only.

Due to new regulations, we actually need you to bring your Passport or your Driver’s License and Social Security Card with you to staff training.  One of our accounting staff need to physically see these cards and sign off on them.  You can have this form all filled out and bring it with you, and that way we would just have to sign off on it.

Form W-4: Federal Income Tax

Please fill out bottom section completely.  Use capital letters and either type it in or use black ink.

Form WH-4:  Indiana State and County Tax Calculations

Regarding State Taxes:
All Indiana Residents pay the State tax.
Out of state Residents
Residents of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin do not pay any state tax. If this is you, write your home state in the line for County of Residence and sign at the bottom
Other states pay the Indiana State tax
Regarding County Taxes
Employee pays the tax of his Indiana County of Residence as of January 1.
All Out of state employees pay the Carroll County Tax

Direct Deposit Form

All staff members are required to use direct deposit.
You also need to provide a voided check with this form.

Staff Health Form

Note that you need a doctor’s signature on this form. You can also attach a current (<1 year old) physical to this instead of having a doctor’s signature.

EEO Voluntary Self Identification Form

This is a voluntary form, but helps for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Dependent Identification Form

Even if you don’t have any dependents, this form needs to be filled out for ACA reasons.

403B: YMCA Retirement Tax Deferred Savings (optional)

You do not need to return this paperwork unless you will be making contributions.
All employees are eligible to contribute to a tax-deferred YMCA retirement account. There is no age restriction or waiting period. Any contributions would be a tax-deferred deduction from your paycheck.