World Service Application

Spreading Tecumseh Values Throughout the World

Every week during summer camp, our campers have the opportunity to contribute $3 of their trading post account to the World Service Fund. These funds help support causes that reflect Tecumseh values in the real world. From national and international organizations like Compassion International and Habitat for Humanity, to individual efforts like mission trips and local storm cleanup, the World Service Fund is another way Camp makes a difference in the world all year long. If you are part of a cause, or are undergoing a project that reflects Tecumseh values and could benefit from funding, we’d love to hear from you.


Requirements for Funding

  • You must be associated with Camp Tecumseh. Eligible applicants include campers, staff members, alumni, donors, and group contacts. If you’re unsure of your eligibility, contact Tom Elliott at
  • The total amount sought cannot exceed $5,000.
  • While we have tremendous respect for events like Dance Marathon and Race for the Cure, we don’t allocate World Service funds to fundraising efforts.


World Service Application

Thank you for pursuing work that will make a positive impact in the world. These questions are intended to give us just enough information to kickstart a larger conversation about your work and your needs. After submitting your application, you will hear from one of the camp Tecumseh staff to set up a time to talk.