Meet the Fall 2016 Outdoor Education Staff

From the Ted stage in Toronto, leadership educator Drew Dudley made the case that we’ve made leadership too big. Instead, the most important leadership moments happen everyday, sometimes without us realizing it. For Dudley, one of the most significant leadership moments in his life occurred while he was handing out lollipops, and he can’t even remember it.


Over the years, as Tecumseh campers tell us their stories and reflect on their experiences, the most impactful moments often happen in unexpected ways. A staff member will pull a camper aside to tell a joke just for them, a camper will overcome their fear and climb the rock wall after encouragement from their group leader, a new friendship will form after an intense day of team building. It’s these moments that define the camp experience for our campers.


We’ve assembled a rockstar group of staff members dedicated to everyday leadership and creating the environment where these lollipop moments can happen for the thousands of students who are coming to visit this season.


OE Lollipop Moments-1


My name is Dingo, and I am from Frankfort, Illinois. Not to be mistaken with Frankfort, Indiana, home of the hotdogs. Frankfort, Illinois is more like one of the biggest craft booth gathering places in the United States (Yes, I am serious. I’ve spent hours walking from booth to booth). For a few years, I’ve studied at Joliet Junior College and have recently been looking at online schools to continue my education. Sometimes being an adult is hard, and camp is a great place to both clear your mind and wrap it around the things that are most important. Eventually, I would like to live in Ireland wherever the music meets the wind and the presence of green is evidence of God. But honestly, I would take any place that would let me live close to my mom and the rest of my family.

OE Lollipop Moments-2


Greetings! My name is Jupiter. My orbit began twenty two years ago in the small town of Chillicothe, Ohio. Although that is where I began, I have been making memories at Wright State University,  Sherman Lake YMCA in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and of course, right here at Camp Tecumseh. Speaking of which, I have been a counselor here for the past three summers and I worked the Spring Outdoor Education season. When my gravitational pull allows, I like to travel, solve problems, rock climb, run, play sports (Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Soccer, ect.), eat pizza, hangout with my friends, and be an all-around goofball.

OE Lollipop Moments-3


Hello, my camp name is Kilimanjaro, or Brother Nature. Sometimes people call me Keith. I grew up in Belleville, Illinois, not too far from the mighty Mississippi River. This is my ninth year on staff at camp, living next to the quiet flowing Tippecanoe River. I graduated from MacMurray College with a BA in Religious Studies and General Psychology, and received an MA in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. You may see me juggling, using puppets, walking through the woods, enjoying a peaceful night next to a campfire, and spending time with the amphibians and reptiles in the nature center. I enjoy lounging in a hammock, eating unique foods, and trying to visit all 50 states (I’ve been to 39).

OE Lollipop Moments-4


My name is Mongoose and I am blessed to live here at Tecumseh year round as the Outdoor Education Director. I’ve been working full time here at camp for almost 3 years, but I started here as a camper and worked many summers in lots of different roles.  I’m originally from Michigan, but moved to Florida to study at the University of Miami where I earned a degree in Microbiology and Immunology. After college I joined Teach For America where I went into the classroom and taught high school science in Miami for 4 years. It was during that experience that I fell in love with education and saw first hand the importance for providing educational opportunities for all of our kids outside of the classroom. In my free time I love to read a good book, go for a run, travel with family and friends, or hang out with my dog Dash. I’m also attempting to learn the guitar, so hopefully my band will make their touring debut soon….

OE Lollipop Moments-5


My name is Monsoon. I live in Lafayette, Indiana with my wife where I recently obtained my Master’s degree in Mathematics from Purdue University. After working a year for Ivy Tech Community College I am very excited to spend my first year at Camp Tecumseh fulfilling my passion by working with children. In my free time I enjoy challenging my mind by playing strategic board games, completing puzzles, and reading books. One of my favorite books is Ender’s Game because it was a thrilling read and the ending left me stunned and wanting more.

OE Lollipop Moments-6


Greetings from Camp Tecumseh! My name is Bobcat and I am originally native to the Chicagoland area. I have most recently found myself in the new habitat of Indiana, where I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Kinesiology and Spanish. I have been blessed to be able to continue to be a part of Camp Tecumseh’s wonderful Outdoor Education team for a third season which has continued to give me the ability to weave and connect classroom experiences with our outdoor ones, overall, creating an exciting and limitless adventure for us all! I am looking forward to jumping in on all of the new, invaluable learning opportunities that we will be able to take part in! My roommate says that I am really good at eating things that contain dark chocolate, eating popcorn and Cuties, listening to others, keeping things organized, and always being up for an adventure. I enjoy a great run outside, a good book that’s preferably read outside in a hammock, as well as learning and trying new things. I love hanging out with friends and family, watching and playing sports, traveling and exploring anything outdoors as well as in!

OE Lollipop Moments-7


Hey, my name is Iguana and I am from a family of nine. I am from the Brookston area and I have lived here all my life. My Tecumseh experience started when I was five years old and I began attending Day Camp. I have since attended Camp Tecumseh’s overnight camp and have worked as both a day camp and overnight camp counselor. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, and playing sports. My favorite sport is soccer and I am always happy to play or talk about soccer.

OE Lollipop Moments-8


My name is Caribou! I was born and raised in the southwest Chicago suburb of Downers Grove where I grew up with my two loving parents and my twin brother. For the past four years I have been studying hard at Illinois State University where I graduated this spring with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Though I haven’t quite obtained my traditional classroom teaching job yet, I am looking forward to a great season filled with teaching in my outdoor, nature-filled, classroom at one of my favorite places on earth. I absolutely love Camp Tecumseh; and if I can share even the tiniest bit of joy I get from this wonderful place with those I cross paths with, I know that I have made the world a little brighter. I’ve been coming to camp for quite a few years, and my camp experience started way back in first grade when one of my best friends introduced me to all of the wonders that camp holds. Since then I have come to camp for a total of ten years and wouldn’t change any of the experiences I’ve had or the memories I’ve made here for the world.


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Hello to all! My name is Alpaca and I grew up in the town of LaGrange Park, IL but have recently spent the last few years in Champaign, IL studying at University of Illinois. Since my graduation this past May, I spent my third summer working here at Camp Tecumseh and am now looking forward to spending my first season on Outdoor Education Staff! During the past couple months, I’ve spent my free time reading, crocheting, watching any movies I can get my hands on (including but not limited to Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring marathons), and gardening the few vegetable plants that I can fit on the porch of my camp home (most recently cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and basil). If I wasn’t working here and money wasn’t a concern, my dream job would be to run a small bakery, in which all baked goods would be made from scratch using fresh and locally grown ingredients. In the meantime, I enjoy cooking and baking with the food my potted plants provide me.

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Saying hello friends! The name is Sasquatch, friends and family may call me “Sassy” or “Squatch” from time to time, depends on the occasion I suppose. After I emerged from the woods I found deep roots in the bustling streets of a Farmer’s community called Zeeland, that’s the Zeeland from this wonderful country, located in the Mitten just North of us (Michigan)! I have lived most of the seasons of my life there with my 5 brothers and 1 sister, with my lovely parents that makes 9! I’ve got one summer of Camp under my fur, but the kids rocked my world, changed me for the better, and brought colorful bursts of love & joy into my life like I’d never seen before! What does a sasquatch like me does for fun? I love connecting with people and will walk up to anyone.. I like to read a good story, something like “The Hobbit” by Tolkien. I like trying my hand at Artsy stuff or anything that calls for creativity. You’ll find me outdoors chasing some adventure like hiking, hammocking, exploring, or figuring out the physics of a mountain bike. I love to laugh, love seeing people come together, and love games and shenanigans of any kind. Napping’s also great. A hammock is a fine place for it.

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Hi, My name is Echo! This is my very first season at Camp Tecumseh and I will be working in Outdoor Education. I cannot wait to see what this wonderful, faith filled camp has in store for me. I am currently enrolled at Purdue University, where I will graduate with a degree in Human Services in December. Boiler up! I am excited to use my passion for helping others at camp and I can’t wait to see how much I grow and learn here. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana where I grew up with 4 siblings. Whenever I have free time you can find me hanging out with any one of my family members, hiking, hammock-ing, water skiing/tubing or finding a new restaurant to stuff my face with the delicious gift of food. I also love hanging out with friends or watching a good comedy movie. My favorite TV show is The Office. I could not tell you how many times I have seen each season. It is a show you can watch at any given time and be guaranteed a good laugh.

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Hola! Me llamo Lobo! I hail from the nearby West Lafayette, Indiana and recently graduated from the shall but mighty Hanover College with a degree in Spanish. I have spent the last three summers having fun on the run in the sun as a summer camp counselor here at Camp T but this will be my first season working on Outdoor Education. Camp has had an amazing impact on my life and has even helped me discover some hidden talents including a propensity for tripping at inopportune moments and the ability to consume enormous amounts of coffee. When not drinking coffee or tripping over my own feet I really enjoy painting, taking naps in sunshine, and giving hi fives. I also really enjoy a good book; my favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones because it’s full of whimsy and funny characters.

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My name is Jaguar, and I have the awesome opportunity to live here at camp year-round. Before finding a home at Camp Tecumseh, I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and later attended the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). While growing up in Ohio, my parents were wonderful and chose to drive over three hours each way to bring me to Camp Tecumseh for a week of summer camp. My first year as a camper was 2003, and I just haven’t been able to leave! I have since worked for our day camp, equestrian camp, retreats, and outdoor education programs. If I’m not hanging out at camp, I tend to be horseback riding, hiking, or taking much too long of a nap. I have a dog named Chloe who comes nearly everywhere with me, and a horse named Nike who would come along, too, if he weren’t so large! Nike and I competed for several years in a sport called “eventing” which judges horse and rider on skills based in dressage, cross-country jumping, and stadium jumping. If you like to talk horses, I’m your gal!

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Hey yall! My name is Firefly, and I am originally from Kokomo, IN where I attended Northwestern High School.  After I graduated in 2012, I flew down (just kidding, I actually drove) to Jackson, MS.  There, I spent three and a half years at Belhaven University before graduating cum laude with a BA in biblical studies with concentration on youth and children’s ministry.  After my college adventure, i spent a semester dancing with Montage Theatre of Dance while working for the Downtown Jackson YMCA and Kids for Christ Performing Arts. Although I love the outdoor things we do at camp, I also enjoy painting, writing letters, encouraging others, eating meals with friends, contemplating God’s glory, dancing, and trying to learn Christian raps! I’ll try anything once (and as long as I’m with good people, I’ll probably like it!), and I’m always up for learning a new skill.

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Hi friends! My name is Jalapeno. I grew up in Crawfordsville, Indiana and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Human Services. I met my husband at camp when we were counselors in 2010 and we got married in June of 2014. We live here at camp with our dog, Miley. Camp helped me to discover my passion for working with youth and getting them excited about learning. I am now on full time staff at Tecumseh and I feel so blessed to work at this incredible place year round! Some of my favorite things include long walks with my dog, singing, taking naps in hammocks, movie theater popcorn, and staying in the loop about anything new from Disney or Marvel. My family are the greatest people I know. I have two nephews and a beautiful niece that I adore and try to visit as much as I can. Any free time I get I love being creative – painting, crafting, sewing, you name it.