Driving Directions

Directions to Camp Tecumseh

12635 W Tecumseh Bend Road

Brookston, IN 47923

2019 DETOUR – Due to Road Work on IN-18 from April-October 2019, please use these Detour Directions

2019 Detour Directions – Due to the detour on IN-18(April-October 2019), please use these detour directions

From the North/Northwest

  • Travelling South on I-65
  • Take Exit 188 for IN-18 toward Brookston/Fowler
  • Turn LEFT (EAST) on IN-18, travel for 5.9 miles
  • Turn RIGHT (SOUTH) on IN-43/N Prairie St, travel for 0.5 miles (past stop light and Casey’s)
  • Turn LEFT (EAST) on 7th St, travel for 350 ft
  • Turn RIGHT (SOUTH) on Railroad St, travel for 225 ft
  • Turn LEFT (EAST) on 8th St, travel for 1.5 miles (8th street becomes 1050 S and then curves into 100 E)
  • Turn LEFT (EAST) on 1100 S, travel for 3.8 miles
  • Turn LEFT (NORTH) on Springboro Rd, travel 1.8 miles, crossing over IN-18
  • Turn RIGHT (EAST) on Tecumseh Bend Rd

Returning home on I-65 North

  • the on-ramp from State Road 18 to I-65N is closed.  
  • The best route to get back on I-65 North is via Chalmers and US-231
  • Take IN-43 North for 4.5 miles from Brookston and turn left on US-231


From the South/Southwest

  • Travelling North on I-65
  • Take Exit 178 for IN-43 toward W Lafayette/Brookston
  • Turn RIGHT (NORTH) on IN-43, travel 3.4 miles
  • Turn RIGHT (EAST) on E 900 North, travel for 4.3 miles
  • At T, turn LEFT (NORTH) onto Tyler Road, travel for 4.6 miles, crossing over IN-18 on Springboro Rd
  • Turn RIGHT (EAST) onto W Tecumseh Bend Rd

From the East

  • From Delphi, IN, take Bicycle Bridge Rd SOUTHWEST, travel 5.4 miles
  • Turn RIGHT (NORTH) on Springboro Rd, travel 2.8 miles, crossing over IN-18 on Springboro Rd
  • Turn RIGHT (EAST) onto W Tecumseh Bend Rd

Camp Tecumseh Entrances on Tecumseh Bend Road

First right: Tecumseh Leadership Center

Third and fourth rights: Lake Village

Fifth right (and down the hill): River Village

Sixth right: Day Camp