Everyday Heroes

Meet the Spring 2015 Outdoor Education Staff


The world needs heroes and we’re busy assembling a team that would have the Avengers shaking in their boots. From all around the world, these everyday heroes will serve as role models for the thousands of kids coming to Camp Tecumseh with their school groups this spring. Take a minute and get to know the folks who will be changing lives in the coming months.



Hey Everybody! My name is Jalapeno. I grew up in Crawfordsville, IN about an hour south of Camp Tecumseh. I am married to my best friend and we live in Brookston, IN. I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Human Services. I am so excited to be back for another season of Outdoor Education! I have worked four summers at camp and this is my fifth season of Outdoor Education. I believe in living a life of faith and spending a lot of time with people that I love. My family are the greatest people I know. I have two nephews that I adore and try to visit as much as I can. Some of my favorite things include being outside, crafting, singing, taking naps in hammocks, movie theater popcorn, and anything Disney or Marvel.



Hello there! You can  call me Hedgehog, and I hail from the southwest corner Missouri. There, I attended the University of Missouri (Mizzou), studying Social Work and Multicultural Studies. I’ve been in the field of YMCA Camping now for six years, starting out at YMCA Camp Wakonda in Springfield, Missouri. This will be my second season at the beautiful Camp Tecumseh, and I’m so proud to call it home! You can often finding me walking in the pine forest, staring up at the beautiful trees, with the stars, or the great blue sky above, peaking through the canopy. If I could have any superpower, I would certainly to talk to aquatic animals, because we would sing songs from Little Mermaid and plant our own corral reefs!





Hi everyone! My name is Falcon and I’m from Brazil! I graduated from UFMG with a degree in Chemistry, which doesn’t mean anything to you, but it’s a good school! I came to Camp Tecumseh for the first time in 2012 as a summer camp counselor and couldn’t stay away from this wonderful place for too long! Some of my favorite camp activities are the high ropes courses and team building activities. I am very excited to join the Outdoor Education team this season.





Aloha! My name is Chuckwalla, but my friends call me Chuck for short. I hail from the nearby lands of West Lafayette, just down the river and over yonder from Camp Tecumseh. I enjoy a wide variety of activities like singing, adventuring, and creating those crazy complex high five handshakes with my friends. In my free-time I like to pretend I am a drummer, sing my favorite songs badly, and practice becoming the best nap-taker in the world. I’ve worked at Camp Tecumseh for three years and am just bursting with excitement to work my first Outdoor Education season.





Greetings from Camp Tecumseh! My name is Bobcat and I am originally native to the Chicagoland area. I have most recently found myself in the new habitat of Indiana, where I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Kinesiology and Spanish. I have been blessed to be able to continue to be a part of Camp Tecumseh’s wonderful Outdoor Education team for a second season which has continued to give me the ability to weave and connect classroom experiences with our outdoor ones, overall, creating an exciting and limitless adventure for us all! I am looking forward to jumping in on all of the new, invaluable learning opportunities that we will be able to take part in!





Hello, Reindeer here! Far far north of here, I was born at a very young age. It didn’t take long for me decide that the cold wasn’t for me and I moved south to the Tecumseh area. I’ve been on the Tecumseh staff for six years now and I’m happy to be returning for my second season with Outdoor Education. When I’m not fulfilling my winter duties or working here at Camp, I enjoy playing music, eating donuts with Hedgehog, reading, trick yo-yoing, and swing dancing (all at the same time!). I’m looking forward to seeing all of you soon!


Polar Bear



My name is Polar Bear and yes, I am very tall! I hail from the 765 area code. I attended Indiana University and have been a summer camp counselor at Tecumseh for the past seven years, but this is my first Outdoor Education season. I enjoy the snow, swimming, and enjoy eating fish and the occasional seal. One of my awesome super powers is reaching things from the tops of trees as well as having super polar bear strength that gives me the ability to lift many heavy things!I can’t wait for you to join us where the leaves are green and the stars shine bright!





Hello and greetings! My name is Polliwog! A polliwog is a half tadpole – half salamander or frog! I’ve lived all over the world! My favorite places to live are islands! I’ve lived on St. Croix, in the Caribbean Sea, Java in the Indian Ocean, and Valsilyevsky in the Gulf of Finland! I enjoy making games, writing books and poetry, singing and playing the drums! I also love cats! did you know that cats that are Leopards, Jaguars or Tigers can all be black panthers? The Black Tiger is my favorite cat right now! I even have cats living at my house! My biggest cats name is: “Toasted Marshmallow” because he is orange with white stripes. When I grow up one day I want to either be a sky diver, a sword fighter or a camp counselor at Camp Tecumseh.





Greetings from Camp Tecumseh! My name is Nighthawk, and I have flown to the land of bright stars and green leaves all the way from mighty Brookston, Indiana. I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, and I rocked the boat as a summer camp counselor at Tecumseh for three years. I enjoy playing the guitar and the ukulele, testing my skills in soccer and nine-square, and hiking the beautiful wooded trails of Tecumseh Bend. My everyday hero is my dad, who taught me how to ride a bike and read a map.



Hi everyone! My name is Dingo and I am from Frankfort, IL. I am so excited to meet you guys! In case you were curious about everyday heroes like us here at Tecumseh, you can see one of my super hero strengths of long walks on my hands as well as enjoying the smell of campfire along with me. The sad times I am not at camp, I coach gymnastics back at home. Oh, and contrary to popular belief, I did not eat your baby! I do however love to eat anything with sugar!





Welcome to Tecumseh, my name is Mongoose and I’m excited that you are here to join us! I studied Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Miami (The Florida school of course) with a minor in chemistry. After college I taught high school science in Miami and absolutely loved being in the classroom. When I was offered the opportunity to move back to Indiana and live and work full time at camp my lovely wife Emma and I were extremely excited and are now here ready to brave these Indiana winters. I work as the Assistant Outdoor Education Director during the school year and a Village Director during summer camp. In my free time I love to run, enjoy the outdoors, travel and read a good book. Blessed to be working at such a great place as Camp Tecumseh and looking forward to working with your group!





Yo! LLAMA is my name and I would like to extend a hardy “¡Hola!” to all of you straight from the heart of Peoria, Illinois. Well, actually that is where I grew up, but now I live at Camp Tecumseh and couldn’t be more thrilled. I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Recreation. When I am not spending time with my family, I enjoy bicycling, swimming, wood working, and playing my guitar. You may see me strummin’ away at the next campfire! My superhero name would be Canswim. You may also see the wonderful Mrs. Llama, our son Mark, born May 2008, and our daughter Miriam, born April 2009, around as well. The four of us will soon be moving to Kenya to work at a school. Have a great stay! Adios!




Look, from the ground rising is Kilimanjaro. I started as a pile of rocks and dirt from the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, eastside of Illinois (Belleville). I lava my way over to camp and have been a free standing mountain for nine years. Educated and formed by many years at MacMurray College and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. I am a friend and warrior for the great outdoors; playing in the creek, hannocking from trees, singing with the birds, hiding out with turtles, dancing like a snake, and cooking over campfires. My political party is the nature movement with a prius. Enjoy your stay at camp; be strong like rocks and stand firm.