Meet the Spring 2022 Outdoor Education Staff

Outdoor Education staff are bringing the magic this Spring! When you work in Outdoor Education at Camp Tecumseh, you facilitate once-in-a-lifetime immersive field trips for students, many of whom have never spent time in this kind of outdoor setting. Thanks to our seasonal and full time staff on the OE team, the students coming to Camp Tecumseh get to experience a little magic.


Once upon a time, during a cold Nova Scotian winter, Kudu emerged from the snow. The cold winters were a bit much for young Kudu so he ventured to Indiana for the warmth of a summer camp called Camp Tecumseh. Kudu’s favorite camp activity is grazing in Main Field alongside the many local Whitetail deer that have accepted him as one of their own. Kudu has the magical talent of being able to translate what all things in nature are saying to us humans.


Iguana hails from the magical forests of Indiana where he grew up enjoying hot summers, snowy winters and dreaming of his ancestral home in the Caribbean. Iguana is super excited to spend his fourth season at Camp Tecumseh meeting new friends and learning about this magical world we live in. Iguana’s favorite camp activity is learning about nature in the nature center where he can hang out with all his animal friends, especially his cousins, the Bearded Dragons. Iguana’s magical talent is fox spotting. If there is a fox around, Iguana can sense it and point it out.


Rock hails from the mountains of Camp Tecumseh from which she broke apart after seeing all the fun people were having at camp and had to join in! Rock’s favorite activity at camp is rockin’ and rollin’ around in nature giving names to all her rock relatives. Rock has the magical talent of balancing her water bottle on her head while moving.


Lobo’s family hails originally from the Wolves Den of Camp Tecumseh but was displaced to far off West Lafayette where she was born. She is happy to return to her familial home on the beautiful Tippecanoe. Lobo enjoys playing with the mini-farm animals (not eating them, of course!) and snacking on sour candy from the Trading Post. Her magical talent is being able to curl up and fall asleep under any circumstances. But don’t test it!


As a single ranging tall mountain, Kilimanjaro began his journey as a mountain overlooking the mighty Mississippi River in southern Illinois. This mountain slowly moved through the tectonic plates towards Indiana in 2006. This mountain base has been here since then. Kilimanjaro’s favorite camp activity during the winter is collecting some snow on its peak, and in spring, it’s watching wildflowers and the grasses blooming. He does enjoy the honey bees pollinating the flowers too. During the summer he enjoys looking over camp and watching nature – especially turtles, lizards, and snakes interacting with campers. In the fall, he enjoys the night sky and the smell of campfires. Kilimanjaro’s magical talent is being the tallest mountain with glaciers and a rainforest, and emerging from the savannahs of central Africa.



Jack Rabbit is from Central Indiana, born originally in Chicago. The majority of his life has been spent outdoors munching on his neighbors green peppers, onions, and other assorted garden veggies. Jack Rabbit’s favorite camp activity is high ropes and rock climbing. Jack Rabbit does acknowledge that his affinity for climbing may seem weird for rabbits, but a little known fact is that all rabbits have an affinity for high ropes courses. Jack Rabbit’s magical talent is something that he can’t actually control. Jack Rabbit finds himself randomly teleported into hats, which often leaves him very confused.


Interested in joining this team, or learning more about Outdoor Education?

Contact Outdoor Education Director, Lauren McCleary.